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By mthomp83
Sep 2, 2005
  1. so a couple days ago i built my computer
    p4 3.0ghz processor, lga735 socket
    intel 945psn mobo
    1gb ddr2 ram
    200gb sata WD hdd
    geforce 6600gt 128mb 16x pci express video
    24bit soundblaster
    lite-on dvd-rw

    that being said, i finally got the time to put it all together last night
    after i formatted and set up winxp on it, i started to install applications
    i noticed a "hiccup" in the operating system
    now, even when no programs are running, even when windows starts, the system lags a little bit
    when windows starts, i can hear the intro sound lagging
    the computer is a brand new high end system, there should be no system lag or hiccups that cause the system to slow down

    does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone experienced similar problems? thanks.
  2. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    High end P4 hicups


    I can only suggest a few things to check. Is PS at least 400W for this system, maybe needs to be 500W. Also did you use thermal paste on the CPU and cooler interface? The CPU maybe overheating.
    In Bios see if you have a selection for "Load Fail-safe defaults".

    Other then that you'll have to wait until the pros respond. It could be anything like your DDR ram not capatible with CPU FSB clock rate. It could be mobo drivers, or video card drivers. Did you go to nVidia web site and down load ver 77.77 yet? You may need to try a few versions from there to see if it helps.

    I just built my system last Saturday and had similar experience. Had to update mobo chipset drivers and 6600GT drivers(vers 77.77) from nvidia (yeah I have same vid card).
  3. mthomp83

    mthomp83 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for your response, it helps
    but just in response to you..
    i know that all the components are compatible, i did the research before so i knew i wouldnt have THAT problem :)
    i did update with the nvidia drivers, are there different kinds of drivers? i just used the one that apparently is compatible with all cards
    as for the mobo chipset drivers, i don't believe that i have updated those yet, thats a good start, i'm stupid :knock: thanks!
  4. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    I forgot one thing, un -install as much as you can. I had some software from MSI (my mobo manufacture) called Corecell, it monitors the CPU temp and voltages and stuff. When I installed my HP1222 printer/scanner/copier software suddenly my whole system was hulking along again. My ping on ET went from 40-50, to over 180 (damn well unplayable). I un-installed my HP and bam, she boots to life like a cheetha again. Weird. Now need to search for driver updates for my printer. Computers...can't live with them can't live...

    Just do it one app at a time so you can check for difference. Good to hear you have no core compatability issues (sorry for the suggestion).

    As far as nvidia drivers go there are several generations out, so one might work better with Intel mobo and processor then the one for AMD. Just a thought.

    I'm the gurus will be here soon to fix you right up.

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