Chrome 74 arrives with Dark Mode support for Windows


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Mac users have had access to Chrome’s dark mode since the browser’s previous version—Chrome 73. Now, users of Microsoft’s OS can experience it, though the option to enable dark mode isn’t in Chrome itself.

Windows user will need to change the operating system’s theme from the default ‘Light’ to ‘Dark.’ This switches Chrome 74 to its dark mode for as long as the setting is selected, matching the rest of the OS.

With some users reporting motion sickness when viewing parallax scrolling, zooming, and other motion effects in browsers, Chrome 74 now allows websites to detect when an operating system’s ‘Remove animations’ option is selected.

As usual, a number of security fixes (39) have arrived in Chrome 74. A website’s ability to open a new tab when the current page is being closed has been removed, which will come as welcome news to many users. Additionally, file downloads initiated from sandboxed iframes, a technique often used to spread malvertising, has been depreciated.

Another big change is the removal of Chrome's ‘Data Saver’ feature for Android. It is being renamed as Lite Mode, which will continue to reduce data use while also helping to improve page load times—if Chrome predicts that a page will take longer than 5 seconds for the first text or image to show on screen, it will load a Lite version of the page instead, which are optimized to load much faster.

Google added that the desktop Chrome data saver extension is being deprecated in the coming weeks.

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It's not working for me, I'm definitely up-to-date in Chrome. I was already using "Dark" App mode in Windows. I've flicked it off and on, made sure I have no custom Chrome theme or anything. Anyone have any ideas?

Edit: I forced it in the end by adding "--force-dark-mode" at the end of the exe.


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It darkens everything except the settings menu, the only thing we really needed it to darken. A bunch of extensions already do that. So what's the point?


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If I had to use dark mode or did not use Change Colors I would not ever visit anything with a dark background with light fonts

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"Lite mode" considering the other features mentioned in this thread doesn't sound like a very intelligent label.


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Dark mode darkens the settings page for me, in Chrome. But it does NOT darken most of the webpages I visit daily. So when I go to say, the Windows Ten insiders forum, the window background is STILL WHITE!!! What good is darkening the settings page, that I almost never pull up, and leaving all the normal webpages I'm on every day the same as before, with a white background??? That's just moronic.
Chrome is a disappointment. Why is it that Vivaldi uses the same skeleton as Chrome, and yet on that browser we can easily choose in settings where we want our tabs (vertical on the left/right or on top), where we want the bookmarks and downloads sidebar (right side or left side) and all of our colors. In Chrome those things seem almost impossible!!!! WHY???? Why does Chrome force the tabs to be on the top, when almost all screens now days are wider than tall??? Sometimes Google seems like the dumbest company on the planet...