Chrome's new Memories feature brings a new way to check your browsing history


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In brief: Google Chrome "Memories" is an enhanced browser history tool that divides the web pages you visited into various segments for ease of understanding. For now, the feature is available in Chrome's Canary builds, but it should hit the stable branch soon.

On most browsers, the history is a list of all the previous web pages that the user has visited, showing the URLs and the date the user has accessed them. In the case of Chrome, you can access your history through the three dots on the top right corner of the browser or through the address bar by entering chrome://history.

Now it seems Google wants to shake things up a bit by introducing Memories. Instead of just showing a list of the URLs and the date, it divides your history into segments. There's the "From Chrome History" section for general URLs and the "From tab groups and bookmarks" section showing the bookmarked pages you've visited.

For now, Memories is only available on Google Chrome Canary 92.0.4479.0, or higher. If you want to try it, go to the chrome://flags page, search for "Memories," and turn the option to "Enabled." Relaunch the browser to apply the setting. You should see the flag across most operating systems.

If the new Memories feature releases with Chrome 92, we should expect it to be available in July. It's unclear if Memories will completely replace Chrome's History or if they will coexist.

While you wait for Memories to reach Chrome's stable version, you can download Chrome's latest stable release, which uses HTTPS as the default protocol.

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Most people only care about cleaning it up on time, if god forbids someone sees it.


And searching in your own browser history is like picking something out of your trash that you threw in by mistake, when it is already deep beneath all the nasty stuff on top. How often do you really want to do it, Google?
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Ya gotta love Google's spin doctors. They've figured out a way to follow you around in an even more invasive manner, and make you think they're doing you a favor while they're at it. :
I'm pretty sure the following you around part has been there forever. It would not surprise me if they have every URL you've ever visited from, or using chrome, or Android, or while signed in to a google service, or a partner, or probably many other methods, going back to the near the first time there was a page at If you haven't explicitly deleted it, it's still there. (Have you ever noticed the "You've visited this link 8 times before" in search results, like for some random restaurant menu you've check a few times in the past?)

As to why they are choosing to highlight that in a new browser feature, I am pretty mystified. Did anyone request this? Or maybe they know no one wants it, but they are looking for more justifications for the data they have ("we keep this because it's necessary for our Memories feature").

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Yep, I'm still sticking with good ol' Mosaic/Netscape/Firefox. The big boys can go "love" themselves. I'd even use Opera before I'd use Chrome (or Edge for that matter).