Clean reinstall Windows XP has blocked access to second hard drive

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Jul 20, 2005
  1. I'd been putting off reformatting my c: drive which had become a real slug over the past few months. A friend said it could be done easily with the Windows XP CD -- clean the hard drive and reinstall WXP. Well, I left my d: drive hooked up "knowing" (?) the information I had copied to that drive would be intact because I was, after all, reformatting c:. Well, the format went smoothly, and the PC is now running swiftly, BUT I cannot access my d: drive. Now d: is my first CD. My second hard drive has been named DISK1PART01 -- 39,080 MB with 23,596 MB free -- so data is there, but I can't access it. And my song of sorrow is like so many -- years of data, business card files, text files for my business, graphics, etc is inaccessable.

    What can I do??


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    Security Settings from Previous Install are Still Applied...

    The security/account settings applied to your D drive from the last Windows install are still applied. Now that you've reinstalled the OS, to the drive, you look like a new user that has not been granted access to the drive. Someone may have a better solution than me so be patient and wait for more responses before you do anything. My suggestions may or may not work.

    1. Make sure you're logged in with a local Administrator account
    2. Try to take ownership of the drive or all the directories and files on the drive
    3. Create an account with the same name as was in the previous install and login with that account

    Hope these help.
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    Doesn't the administration help?
    Again, I can't say what I mean, exactly, because my folders are different.
    You know the place at which you can shuffle around and reassign names of the partitions in Control Panel -> Administrative Tasks -> Drive something
  5. y2kharmony

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    well, I decided to try disconnecting my c: drive and replacing with the drive that Windows wouldn't recognize and install Windows on that drive. Still couldn't access.

    I've read your threads, and I will try the administrative move and let you know.. If someone else has more specific information, I'd appreciate your post. Thank you.

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    I know you've probably either sorted this already or maybe have already tried this but have you thought about maybe switching the jumpers on the drives just to transfer the info? That way you can make the inaccessible drive the master and boot windows through it, then copy the files you need across to the other drive and then format the inaccessible drive, switch the jumpers back to make the new drive the master and then you have a completely freed up spare disk to use? Just a thought.
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