Cleaned computer but would like someone to look at my logs. Thanks

By huntwell
Dec 8, 2007
  1. Hello all,

    First, I wanted to thank all of you for taking the time to help me out, your assistance has been tremendous!

    OK, so I went through and followed the directions and went through all of the steps as best I could for cleaning the computer as Julio suggests.

    Step 1-I think I disabled all of the running operations, but I can't be 100% since I am not the most tech savy.

    Step 2-I already had AVG installed, and I installed Comodo firewall.

    Step 3-I ran the online scanner and it only found a problem in the backup files in a folder found with HijackThis. I promptly deleted the folder. I am not sure this was an actual problem however. Maybe someone can tell me.

    Step 4-already downloaded HJT software before going on to this tech site since I found out about it from another site.

    Step 5-Renamed HJT.

    Step 6-Changed AVG to inactive.

    Step 7-already have SS&D installed. Disabled TeaTimer. Question: where would I look to see if I accidentally accepted the trojan and now SS&D has let it be part of the registry?

    Step 8-Already had Ad-Aware. Question: when I ran Ad-Aware, it crashed and Windows had to shut it down. This happened several times when it reached about 3 min 45 sec. into the scanning when it got to the scanning for cookies segment. I have SuperAntispyware and have used it and I am wondering if there could be a software conflict or maybe I have some other program that interferes with Ad-Aware.

    Step 9-Downloaded and ran Ccleaner.

    Step 10-I downloaded and ran all three tools recommended. I will provide a log.

    Step 11-For some reason, I could not get Panda Antirootkit to download and install. I did already have AVG Antirootkit and ran it. It found nothing.

    Step 12-I never downloaded Combofix since I have come across the warnings before.

    Step 13-I booted up in Safe Mode and enabled the viewing of hidden files.

    Step 14-Ran SS&D and I will provide a log of what it found. I don't think it really found a problem however. Couldn't get Ad-Aware to run properly. AVG Antispyware found nothing.

    Step 15-ran HJT and will provide log.

    Before I came to this tech board I did go through and locate the specific files that are associated with this Trojan so maybe I was able to get rid of it. The file name was:stream32a.dll

    I also found info indicating that 02 BHO (no name)-{7E853D72-626A-48EC-A868-BA8D5E23E045}-(no file) is also a problem so I had HJT remove it. I do not see it any longer.

    Thank you all so much for your help with this. I am a poor college student and do not have the money to pay someone to fix this kind of stuff so your time is very valuable to me.

    I did not follow one instruction closely, sorry. I posted my follow up and attachments on the other forum and not this one as instructed. Now I cannot add attachments to this posting.
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