Overclocking Cleaning dust out of the inside of your machine?

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I run my pc with the panels off, mainly because for no particular reason it likes to forget that I have any or all hard drives and crash, until I disconnect and reconnect them at which point it can 'see' them again. I don't know why this happens.

For one, I don't know if it is good to have the side panels off, for one thought of the fan being useless, and is it absolutely essential for a well running pc?

The other and main thing I wonder, is this: Inside my PC is horrendously dusty. Three years dusty to be specific.
Especially since I have the feeling it is a main culprit for my many machine check exceptions, I feel I should probably clean it out, but I don't know the best way how. I don't have a can of compressed air, and I don't even know if that would have a chance of... dislodging some of those little chips and pieces on the circuit boards.
Basically I just don't know how I would go about effectively cleaning out the dust in a way that would not harm my hardware.


Nick Lee

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Well, I don't have a can of compressed air, So what i do. Is that I take a paint brush, inch wide, 1/2 inch thick(I wish I had a slightly smaller one) and I gently brush the inside of my PC. As for around pins on the Mobo, I use a Tiny brush and blow on the pins.... It works for me. Just be careful not to bend pins or unplug things. But thats what I do.

Nick, ^_^


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Compressed air?

Do you all live in the land of depressed compress air? Can you not get compressed air?

Nick Lee

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I just to happen not have any and For some reason a brush was the first thing on my mind. But soon I'm getting a can....I also said that 3 months ago... ^_^


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I adviese my customer to clean the dust out fo their comps every 6 months. I know this sounds rude, but just use a hairdryer (no heat!) LOL!!

As my E&M prof at university told us, "YOu can impress your gf's father byt fixing his TV, all for the prince of a simple blowjob!" LOL!


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I actully went to a computer swap meet recently and there they had this little vaccaum that run on the usb plugs to clean the dust out and its worked ok.

Now as to having the side covers off I don't think that is a good idea, Mind you i had the same issues as you at one stage and found it was a bit to do with the connections and the mother board.

I would suggest carefully cleaning it as above mentioned and maybe getting someone to look at it
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