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By RVelez
Feb 1, 2007
  1. Hello,

    I work at a Manufacturing Facility that uses PC's to operate Test Stations and Environmental Monitors. Due to our Security Policies, these PCs have need to have their screensavers enabled and set to lock after a certain period of time (10-30 Mins). This is to prevent anyone from accessing these PCs when they are unattended.
    Operators of the Test Stations need to monitor the status of the test. Most tests run on between 20 mins to 18 hours. Most of the time, all they need to do is glance at the screen. Enabling the Windows ScreenSaver will block their view and constantly make them unlock the screen just to see what is going on.
    The Environment PCs, display the current conditions of the rooms. This information is crucial to the process done on Test PCs. So operators need to glace at these displays as well.
    Our best solution is to use a Clear/Transparent ScreenSaver. I have found a 3rd Party app called Transparent Screen Lock from I've downloaded it and I tried it out. It did not work very well for us. I tried it on a couple spare PCs and it was not what we had in mind.
    One of my colleagues mentioned to me that Microsoft had a clear screensaver utility on their Win2k Admin SP1. I have been unable to find this utility anywhere. All of the links on Microsoft's webpage talk about Dual Screen issues.

    Does anyone know where I can download this utility from? As far as I heard, it is free. Anything similar? We have about 40 PC's here and hope fully there is some freeware out there that can help us out.

  2. MartyGold

    MartyGold TS Rookie

    We have Transparent Screen Lock installed on many systems here and do not have any problems with it. What problems are you having?
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