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Click on BF2.exe and computer restarts after a few seconds

By Taize ยท 4 replies
Jan 11, 2006
  1. Alright this has been a rather annoying problem. First of all the problem:

    I will try to double click on the exe or shortcut whatever it may be and it acts as if BF2 is loading and it will go for a little while and the BF2 loading screen on the desktop shows up. The screen will then turn black as if its loading and it will flash a few times and it then restarts itself. This happens EVERY time i try to load BF2.

    I have tried everything i can think of:

    3.Swapped out ALL of my hardware aside from motherboard and Hard Drive
    4.Made the shortcut go into windowed mode.
    5.Cursed and hit it a few times (was mainly for me but eh)
    6.Updated every driver for my MoBo and Graphics card
    7.Patched the game

    NONE of the above has seemed to work. The only thing left is I'm guessing the MoBo is bad, but several other games work on the system. Though nothing as graphically tolling as BF2. Or possibly for some reason my Hard drive is bad?

    If anyone at all knows what the problem could be please let me know.

    My Specs are the following:

    Intel P4 2.8ghz
    DDR 333 768mb Ram
    ATI Radeon 9600-256mb
    SOYO-P4I 845PE Lite MoBo

  2. Reformado

    Reformado TS Rookie Posts: 20

    I can see that you have 512Mb + 256Mb (Ram DDR 333)...

    Try to remove 256mb and test the game...

    One question? Is the game... hum... in a cheapper version?? :angel:
  3. Taize

    Taize TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nope my copy is completely legit and i have switched the ram completely out and tried a different Ram and it did the same thing
  4. Reformado

    Reformado TS Rookie Posts: 20

    I've heard of a similar problem but it was in a "cheaper" version...
  5. TBolt

    TBolt TS Rookie Posts: 65

    This actually happened to me quite a bit when I was using the demo...either .exe I would use (desktop icon or explorer .exe) the game would start to load, "click" / flash my screen a few times, then boot me back out to the desktop with no error message. That particular comp I have that was doing that has almost the same specs as yours (only it has 1 gig of ram). In addition to that, it had an older psu that was only putting out about 250 watts. As that comp had a CRT monitor, several expansion cards, separate cd rom and dvd, as well as several background processes running, trying to run BF2 (which is a processor / memory / resources hog) was a little too much for my comp to handle. The fix - I bought a 420 watt psu for $30. The demo ran without a hitch and the graphics set at high except for shadows (set to medium). Looks pretty good considering it's not as high end as my other comp (which has a different problem of it's own with BF2 :mad: ). I don't know if that is your problem but who knows, at least it's something else to consider. You could also try shutting off some background processes (found as "tips" in your BF2 user's guide). Ctrl / Alt / Delete to the Task Manager, click Processes, and end process on all user items except Explorer and Task Manager (don't end process on system, local service, or network service groups). That may get you some extra resource power to run the game.
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