Clock in WinXP going waaay too fast!

By lalaji ยท 5 replies
Oct 29, 2004
  1. Ok i have no idea what's causing this but the windows clock in my system tray is flying. I synchonized it yesterday aroud 7pm and at like 11am this morning it was almost 5 minutes ahead three other clock i compared it to (cell phone, alarm clock, analog wall clock). So i resynchronized the PC again with the windows time server and it was back to within 20 seconds of the other 3. Now at 9:30 its around 3-4 minutes ahead again. Any ideas why the heck my PC cant keep time? I have not shut down at all so i dont think that it would be the battery but who knows. Anybody know what might be causing this? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks guys.
  2. me(who else?)

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    You might want to try changing the time in the BIOS. I think they had the same problem with the TS server. Instead of always changing the Windows time, boot to the BIOS (should be F2, or ESC) and change the time.
  3. lalaji

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    I'll try that now and post back the results. I think i will sync it up now, and then see if the bios time is different. If so ill change bios time and see if that fixes it. So, ill let you guys know.

    After resynching with the windows time server i booted into the BIOS and the BIOS time was synched with the new synched time in the system tray. So i dont know if that was it.. I guess if/when it happens again, i will try booting into the bios without resynching and see it the times still match up. If anyone has any other ideas id appreciate the advice. Thanks again.
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Are you using Azureus by any chance?
    That program has been known to upset the time.
  5. lalaji

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    I do use Azureus, so maybe that is it. Ill try to stay away from it for a while and see what happens with the clock. Know of any other good BT clients? Thanks.
  6. me(who else?)

    me(who else?) TS Rookie Posts: 387

    Classic BitTorrent is the only one I use, but that's becuase I'm lazy :evil:
    BitTornado is supposed to be good, but they don't have it for *Nix. ;/
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