Closed beta for 'Quake Champions' launches next week

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A beta for Bethesda and id Software’s Quake Champions is set to kick off a week from now although given its closed nature, not everyone will get in right away.

Bethesda is now accepting beta sign-ups over on the official Quake Champions website; simply enter your e-mail address and country of residence and confirm that you’re at least 18 years or older to throw your name in the hat.

Quake Champions is thought by many to be id Software’s attempt to make a modern esports title. Although based off the Quake namesake and gameplay that made Quake III Arena such a great game, Champions can perhaps be best viewed as Quake for the Overwatch era (again, with lots of esports elements mixed in).

id Software on Thursday also unveiled another of the game’s characters, Anarki the Transhuman Punk from Quake III Arena. For the uninitiated, Anarki is more or less a modern-day version of Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (same voice, same personality and yes, he even has a skateboard-like hoverboard).

Studio director Tim Willits said late last year that Quake Champions is designed to be a competitive game that anyone can play. It will have free-for-all modes and duels but their focus on team game modes allows everyone to participate and pull their weight.

Quake was an incredibly influential ‘90s-era first-person shooter that often gets overshadowed by Doom. Branding, name recognition and past success alone aren’t enough to guarantee success in today’s gaming industry although based on everything we’ve seen of Quake Champions thus far, it appears as though id Software and Bethesda have another winner on their hands.

The Quake Champions beta goes live April 6.

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Unfortunately I don't imagine this will be very successful. Gamers are getting bored with these types of games.

I would really like to see a modern game engine take on the original Quake. Although I don't imagine it would be all that successful either, as there are only a handful of us who would appreciate it, not to mention understand it.

A shame, really.


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Don't see anyone getting bored of Overwatch any time soon and this is basically Quake meets Overwatch. And it will be F2P with 1 character so that will make it very popular at first. And most importantly it is being made for PC first!


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Why in gods name is this being compared to overwatch lol.....I've bought overwatch and refunded it after a couple of hours because its just so slow paced and boring. paladins is better than overwatch imo.


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Overwatch is a rip off of TF2 and Quake Champions has been compared to Overwatch since it got shown off like a year ago. It's all the same crap we've seen alrdy.

Whether this game does good or not wont really matter. It wont last long because of the Unreal Tournament remake that will be following not long after its release.
If QC is lucky, maybe they get a yr up on games but I doubt it. Months is more like.