cmd.exe net.exe and net1.exe giving me grief

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Jun 3, 2003
  1. ok so heres the deal. wish i had my problem saved so i wouldnt have had to type it over again. (asked alot but no feedback).

    I have 4 Windows 2000 Advanced servers.
    3 of them have cmd.exe net.exe and net1.exe repeat themselves over and over in an endless cycle using up 50% of my proccessor speed. thankgod they kill themselves otherwise it would be ugly on my ram. well anyhow when this happens it slows down the proccess of my programs slowing down the network speed. ive had alot of complaints at how slow some of the databasses are running and its just ticcin me off. Ive figured out what the problem is and have identified how it came to be. You see i let them 3 servers get all the recommended critical updates from microsoft. after installing service pack 3 is when this problem started. the 4th box doesnt have sp3 on it and is running fine.

    Well the logical thing to do is get the ntunistall thing for it right. well since im a big shot i didnt have it archived. so i cant unistall the service pack.

    any other ideas would be greatly appreacited.
  2. Rick

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    I'm in a hurry and read over your post VERY QUICKLY, my apologies.. But do you think there is a chance for a virus? Try an online virus scan and see if something nasty is on your server.
  3. Operator

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    im pretty sure i scanned it. but ill scan it again when i go to bed tonight
  4. kurai

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    Had the same problem. Used TCPview from and saw alot of msmngr32.exe opening up ports but no sign of net/cmd.exe. Went to google to know more of this software and found out that it's all TRASH. So, what i did is went to Task Manager and Ended its process then removed it. Hope this works for you guys too.

    YAAAH!!! Finally!!! My system's working as usual. And I hope it lasts too.
  5. roo41

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    Possible solution for Net.exe & cmd.exe

    It took me 2 hours to scan the virus last night for the same problem.
    Frustrated!!! No any virus at all!!!
    I tried the following steps to fix that annoyed problem:

    1. rename the cmd.exe to any name you want (not delete); Because the system would automatically recover the cmd.exe right after your delete.

    2. rename the xcopy.exe to cmd.exe.
    of couse you should use the copy the xcopy.exe file under the same folder. this step MUST be finished very quick, otherwise the system will recover the cmd.exe before you make this, which would lead to a error message.

    3. redirect the short cut in the desktop which is originally pointed to the genuine cmd.exe to the renamed one.

    That is what i did yesterday.
    My system working well now.

    But still can't understand what is the real reason. Any one can explain would be greatful for us!!!!!
  6. dani_17

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    Maybe you have some script running in the background or starting with windows. Did this start to happen when you installed any program?

    cmd.exe is the comand line interface, so it may not be directly cmd.exe that takes the resources, but an application running commands inside the cmd... net.exe also runs in the cmd.

    You should look in the registry, startup programs/services and programs that may run or trigger commands directly to the cmd. The cmd won't take system resources unless you run something in it.
  7. McInTasch

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