Cmos Bad Check Sum Error On First Boot

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Every day the first time i start my computer,the cpu starts by itself as soon as i turn the power on , i hear a beep and on my screen is a message cmos bad checksum error press F4 to enter set up
date and time get reset to 1/1/2002 00:00:00
when i reset to current date and save and exit bios every thin is well
for the rest of the day this problem does not occour
This only happens on the first time i start my pc,i have only been getting this error for last 3-4 days only
i purchaced this pc in dec 2002 since then this has happened before but only a hadful of times but this is the first time time and bate are getting reset!

my motherboard is INTEL DESKTOP BOARD 845GLLY
Processor Pentium 4
Ram 2 * ( PC133 128mb)

Please help


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Your CMOS battery is dead :) That's all.

Pop it out and go down to a hardware store or a radio shack and get a replacement. It's about the size of a quarter and is usually located near the bottom right of the motherboard.
If my battery is dead then should this not happen every time i start my pc

however there is another thing that i forgot to say
when i go to the dios immedeately after this error occours i notice my
bios claims i have ddr ram (not supported by this motherboard)

i also resently did a intel rapid bios update !! could this have any thing to do with my problem
Yeah the message / statement should consistently appear or happen when you restart your machine. Updating your bios could have messed up your system/ bios by a number of reasons. You could have updated with the wrong bios update, or while updating it got messed up or scrammbled which has happened to a couple of my friends systems. You may have to flash your bios/ reinstall the previous bios that your motherboard started with. See wot happens, if you got a program with your motherboard that does this try to use this forst before trying this on your own. Also please try an give some more information on your problems please.
I figured it out
It was indeed the bios problem but all i did was disable one advanced feature that appeared below the" plug and play os <enable / disable> option that my older version of bios didn't have
Now i don't get these errors
thanks for the advice guys

Hiya have you tried changing the battery on the motherboard?? In some cases that might be the problem... Especially if your motherboard is a couple of years old..
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