CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded. (repost, read all past posts & nothing works)

By boomdawgg_coop
Dec 11, 2005
  1. Considering I wasn't paying attention to where I was I had posted this earlier, I'm reposting this thread, where I can possibly gain more help from.

    I had an old motherboard/cpu combo that has been acting up for sometime it seems, only until recently it just completely crapped out. I bought a new motherboard/cpu combo, Athlon 64 - ECS 755-A2 & Sempron 2500 CPU. After installing it and hooking up 1 of 2 harddrives, the CMOS error came up. I looked online for help and saw to replace to the battery, which I did. That hasn't helped at all considering I've changed the bios while having both hd's installed 1 at a time or neither. After I change the BIOS, the error no longer comes up, but the initial windows error comes up saying improper boot or something, asking how to boot, Safe mode/network/command prompt or last known config. After trying all possibilities, all it did was try to load with no attempt. The winXP loading logo doesn't even show up, it just reboots automatically.

    There is no unstable power (I've monitored it under the BIOS), the temperature is keeping around 32 C degrees, no electromagnetic problem. Am I able to change the CMOS memory chip myself? I have yet to scan for a BIOS virus considering it's very hard for me to hook my computer up to someone elses to do such a task but I'll try and eventually get back.

    Please help, no idea what to do. If the motherboard is bad, I should be returning it then it seems?
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    ecs boards are known for thier crappiness and poor reliabilty, as myself and numerous other TS members know personally. usually this problem is caused by the motherboard anyways, but given the fact that you have an ecs i'd say they you can conclude that this problem is baing caused by the motherboard.
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