Code 50, 0x0032, The network request is not supported

By caravel
Feb 28, 2007
  1. Does anyone know what can cause this Win9x error code to appear?

    Code 50, 0x0032, The network request is not supported

    The application is a visual basic program used for printing labels through a thermal printer, this error appears when certain functions are clicked causing the error message to appear. I have googled and found nothing.
  2. tweaks_sav

    tweaks_sav TS Rookie Posts: 186

    There is no telling. Has it always done this, or just recently?
  3. caravel

    caravel Topic Starter

    Well it's been a problem for about 6 months. Prior to that I hadn't heard of it. I've got it occurring on about 5 different machines. I have other machines, identical to those that it doesn't occur with. I've reinstalled windows on some, and that hasn't fixed it. I was thinking it was a newer version of printer drivers causing it, but have seen another pc with a much older version of the drivers and the same problem. I'm none the wiser as to finding out what causes, it unable to find anything common between them. An explanation of that error and the kind of things that cause it would be better than nothing, but I can't even find that... :confused:
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