Coded 1155 During Chipset Driver Installation, System Won't Start!

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Jun 28, 2007
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    Was having some trouble with my Ethernet-in on the motherboard listed in my sig, so I downloaded the new Chipset drivers from the Foxconn website. During the install (or after it had "finished), I received an error message window with the code 1155 (maybe 1055), but no text. I assumed the system would handle it on the restart, so I restarted it.

    Now, when I start the PC it says the file nvatabus.sys (or some ATA bus controller) is missing, and I could repair it if I had the Windows Setup CD.

    Problem is, I'm visiting my friend in another state, so I don't have the Windows Setup CD. What should I do?
  2. raybay

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    The 1055 error can be a printer error, or it could mean that your system could not read the registry, or a network error, if on a network.
    Close everything down. Boot to Safe Mode, and attempt the installation of the chipset drivers all over again. Watch carefully to be sure you know what error messages come up, if any.
  3. thebaronjocelin

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    Can't boot to any mode. The furthest I get is the screen where it offers me the chance to Repair from CD.

    You see, the thing is, the installation somehow failed to install a driver that is absolutely necessary to start Windows.

    I tried to load the drivers onto a USB Flash Drive, but I realized there's no way I can access those files or redirect to them in Repair because I simply can't start Repair without the Windows CD.
  4. raybay

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    Format the drive in another computer, then put it back in yours to do the install.
  5. thebaronjocelin

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    If I did that, then I would no longer have windows installed. Though, if I could find another SATA computer, I could use the OS on that computer to install the drivers while the defective drive sits dormant, eh?
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