Collapsible menu in Word

By thewolfe
Oct 28, 2002
  1. Collapsible menu in Word

    Is there a way (not in outline view) to setup a collapsible menu or outline in Word.

    I have a Computer Tips & Tricks letter created in Word that's starting to get large enough that it's not easy to scan down the topics. I would like to have the "subject" lines visible and then be able to click on one to show the details. Like you can do in html.

    Below is an example: (The 1st subject line is Windows 95 & 98 and the 2nd is Windows ME and XP.) As you can imagine, by the time you get 50 subjects with a "how to" outline under it, it gets pretty unruly.

    Windows 95 & 98 - Restore the Registry to an earlier stable time (See below for Windows ME and XP

    1. First you must make a "Start up" and disk. Click here for instructions
    2. Shutdown the computer
    3. Insert the "Start up" disk into the “A” drive and turn the computer on.
    4. The computer will start in a DOS mode.
    5. You will see an "A" prompt that looks like "A:\" with a flashing cursor to the right.
    6. Type exactly as follows c:\windows\command\scanreg/restore
    7. That will scan your “Registry files and then give you a choice of dates to restore back to.
    8. With you’re up and down "arrow" keys, click on the most recent date when you know the computer was working properly. The mouse doesn't work in DOS.
    9. Press the Inter key on your keyboard
    10. Take out the Start up disk
    11. Press the Inter key again to restart your computer.
    Note: There are no spaces in the c:\windows\command\scanreg/restore
    Note: Notice there is a forward slash (/) after scanreg not a back slash (\)
    Note: To cancel the operation prior to clicking on Restore, press the right "Arrow" key which will change the focus from a Restore to Cancel. Then press Inter on the keyboard.

    Windows ME and XP - Restore the Registry to an earlier stable time (See above for Windows 95 and 98

    1. Click on Start, Programs, Accessories, System tools and System restore.
    2. Click in the circle to the left of "Restore my computer to an earlier time".
    3. Click on a "Next".
    4. Choose the most recent date on the calendar when you know the computer was working properly.
    5. Then if it gives you a choice of times on that day click on one.
    6. Click on next
    7. Your computer will then find the settings you have chosen and restart the computer using the date specified.
    8. When your computer restarts, it will tell you that you have restored a previous date. Click on OK.
    Note: Any files, data and e-mails that you have created between your past restore point and the current date will not be lost.

    Sorry for the length of this post.

    Any suggestions
  2. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    well, you could link the topics to the place where they are located, it works similar to the HTML anchoring tags. You put your topics at the top of the first page like a "table of contents" then link them to the corrosponding place in the document where said topic begins. you can do this using hyperlinking I think, and it can also be done using the Bookmarking option.
  3. Vehementi

    Vehementi TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,704

    I think I saw something like this awhile ago...I don't remember how to do it, and I don't have Word on this machine...

    Next time I get access to Word, I'll try to find or remember how to do it.
    In fact, come to think of may not even have been Word :(
  4. thewolfe

    thewolfe TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 238

    I was trying to avoid hyperlinking which will work in Word. It may be the easiest way.

    You may be thinking of FrontPage. You can create Collapsible menu (folders) there. As a matter of fact, that's where I got the idea to try it in Word.

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