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Hi, I have just yesterday took advantage of your add for "Free Driver Update". and all in less than 2 minutes. Please do not display misleading ads. It is not free and certainly there is no fix under 2 minutes. Do try the advertised programs by installing and running them yourself to validate they deliver what is advertised.

First off - this is NOT free update. This program does cost $30xx - it is not free.
It is one of those snake oil companies that tries to frighten the PC user to fix nonexistent problems. In my instance the claim was 13 obsolete drivers. I have already tried multitude of same style adds with same goal. My Device manager check reveals that I do have the best drivers already installed, and I do also check with AMD and ASUS for updates. The free part - you can select to fix only one item per try for free, so I gave it a try. In 40 minutes it was 17% done, and it identified hardware that I do not have needing new driver.


Very recent example is also a warning about one such promising software.
X-Codex-Pack-2.7.3.exe. Checked for viruses and malware - all clean by Defender.
So have installed it, and selected it as default for Videos.

One click and my Windows 10 was trash. All desktop and taskbar icons turned white (except Solitaire and Mahjong) All Windows .exe files were disabled on the whole drive. Windows booted up as normal and that was all.
Remember that the whole OS runs on exe - major security design that one click can trash it so simply and easily. No exe working, no Recover, no Restore, no regedit, no internet, no email, no USB boot recovery Windows repairs fixes that user can initiate. Since no computer vendor provides any boot installation media with the PC. The user with only Windows OS is left out to dry by tech experts that suggest that you can Google the fix (forgetting the there is no longer any internet access.

Take care, keep up the good work, and most importantly try to be safe.
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Hello there, so that's a two pronged thread, which I'll briefly address below:

1) About ads: We work with the most reputable agencies to sell advertising on TechSpot. A portion of placements are sold directly to tech companies like HP or Verizon, and a second portion goes to open exchanges which are arbitrated and pass numerous filters. Our ads are probably not better nor worse than the ads you see on other top-tier technology websites. No doubt, if some company is advertising something, they want to sell you something sooner or later.

2) The file you describe is this:

Every single file we list and host on TechSpot is scanned for malware using VirusTotal. X codec pack is no exception and it's clean software:


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Hi Julio, Yes, I have said that there was no Virus or Malware. Have not accused you of spreading infected software. Just Misleading ones. That will stand.
My warning was factual and to the point how easy is to trust such great advertisements and install the products. I have installed it and run it with the options checked straight from the box. My Windows 10 was trashed.
If you do not believe me go ahead and install it on your Windows 10.
That is all I have asked that you do for the stuff you advertise.
Do that and we talk when you get your Windows reinstalled.
Meantime have a great day because it will end with the installation.

Take care - I do like the TechSpot and all the articles so no beef at all there.
My best regards
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