Comp hangs after Audio driver is installed-pls help

By nirmalsat
Dec 7, 2007
  1. I ve been using realtek hd audio driver version published in January 2006.I got it from the motherboard cd that was provided to me..The sound manager does not contain options to change the configuration of the audio ports present at the back from 2 channel to 4 or 6 channel output.So i downloaded an upgraded version from the realtek site.But after installation of the audio driver when i play a audio file or a video file it plays for a few seconds and then the whole comp hangs.I ve tried downloading the driver from the Intel site as well but the problem persists.When i revert back to the one given to me with the mobo it works fine.
    The configuration of my comp is given below.

    Processor : Intel D820 - dual core processor 2* 2.80ghz
    Motherboard: Intel D102GCC2
    Ram : 512 mb
    Video card : PC 6200 TC ( leadtek)
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  3. nirmalsat

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    Its still there..I ve installed univesal architecture
  4. nirmalsat

    nirmalsat TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the problem still exists

    the problem still exists..Pls help ;(
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