Comp refusing to identify XP disk after License argreement (f8)

By bobDpirate
May 26, 2006
  1. I just bought a new comp from and finished the hardware installment to the cha. Its a Asus with AMD 3800 X2 and a SATA Drive. I spotted it and then checked for the post. All worked fine. Then I poped in the xp does its usuall check of the hardware and junk and then takes me to the blue prompt window that asks if you wish to install. Thats a yes and then I agree to license agreement and then it gets weird. After this, it should take me to the partion window but instead I get a message telling me there is no previous version of windows, please insert a windows cd. I press enter but I get taken to the next window that tells me to that my cd is either invalid or scratched (its neither, I used only 2 months ago on an old machine) and then asks to insert the cd and press enter. It continues to take me back to this window endlessly.

    A little help would be nice on this one. This machine must be up in 48hours. Thanx.
  2. iss

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    If this is an upgrade disk instead of a full version then it wants a Win98, ME or Win2000 disk to be put in the drive to verify that you have a full version of windows that you are upgrading from. if this is a full version then either the disk is damaged or your drive is defective. try cleaning the disk or try using another optical drive.
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