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Compaq 98 SE,W/Driver Issues ???

By livetropicallif
Dec 5, 2007
  1. Bottem line is... My Compaq's ERROR Mess. EVERY time i wanna OPEN Files/Folders/Program ect. IS, OLEAUT32.DLL file can not start. Check the file to determine the problem. Considering my problem at hand, i figured HardwareI found the file by START,SEARCH Files and Folders. Actually, there were 2 files there by that name. But i don't know how to FIX IT. Comp. sayes it is Damaged. allso,Considering my problem at hand, i figured someware.So was looking at my drivers and found that my Ndis2 Driver was Damaged as well. Thinking theres a connection there.Comp. clued me in to watch for any w/the Yellow Corcle. Hey, main thing I'm LEARNING YA? I' ALLSO learned long ago, how to look around my System. Where its o.k. to explore Hit n miss kind of Self Tought.And i know pretty much Where N O T to mess around w/out Experience/KNOWLEDGE. and Where not to go PERIOD.
    So in my FAILED attempts to repair the DLL. Mess. Box said in order to do so, i need a Windows 98 CD-ROM Is that the START UP disk? and do i REALLY? Cause i don't have one. So should i go find one? Or does someone who actually had the TIME AND Patiance to listen to my troubles in TroubleSHOOTING : / Have an alternative for this Quick learning self tought and (Still catch'in on) Or am i just CLUELESSLY DETERMINED? Well hey. I've done pretty well so far, The old Hit n Miss Method can teach ya a lot of different things. Most of which doesnt help a BIT at the time. But it all Comes togeth. Enough of this babbleing crap. Sorry Oeople. S.O.S. PLEASE. can someone help me out here. That would be SO COOL. AND Appritiated. If i don't get that Comp. back up PRONTO i am AS THEY SAY "Screwed,Glued & Tattoo'd. Just started Online Courses w University.
    P.S. I've got a couple spare
    Compaqs Just need a little
    Upgradeing. Strictly OHANA.
    In other words, (From da Heart.)
    Just can't seem to toss'em.
    Allthough i guess i should mention...
    I live on da West Coast....Of Oahu.
    N Sorry but NO, I don't Deliver.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Any borrowed Windows 98SE disc should work. Cold boot to the disk, and reinstall Windows 98Se. You will need the product ID that works with that disc.
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