Compaq Presario 6000 Sits and does Nothing Who Can Help Here?

By comp-rebuilder
Sep 11, 2005
  1. Recently I recieved this System from a Friend that Bought a New one And I hooked this Compaq Up and powered it Up.
    It runs But there is No Display No HDD Loading And the KB Lights Are On My friend said it was running fine but all of a sudden it just went blank and would not do anything He tried the Sleep mode wake up and still nothing this Unit has the AMD XP 1800+ CPU 512MB DDR Memory 60GB HDD and XP Home The Mainboard Is the Elusive Microstar MS 6553 the One MSI Says dont exist, Compaq tried everything to get it back up but to no avail.
    Who Knows what the Problem is with this system can anyone tell me how to get it back to its original startup???????
    If not I will throw it in the recycle bin and forget it.
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