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By Chumba
Jan 2, 2006
  1. Hey All

    I am seeking a 512mb (SD) pci video card for my pc,the problem is i already have an onboard video card which cannot handle demanding games,i tried a 64Mb ATI Radeon Dual Display with my chipset,it worked fine for about a year but then it started having some hardware conflict ,there was no display only when i tried connecting my monitor with the external ATI card.
    Please somebody tell me about pci video card options which will be compatible with my chipset and will have minimal chances of having a hardware conflict with the onboard card.

    My PC's Configurations are:

    processor:celeron 1.0Ghz
    chipset:intel 82810E
    memory:383Mb (SDRAM)
    monitor:LG Studioworks (15 inch)

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