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Dec 11, 2007
  1. Daveskater

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    Looks alright to me, although your motherboard can take faster RAM if you're interested:
    It's only £2 more as well :)

    If you want to OC, get the 5000+ Black Edition. It has a smaller nm process than the 6400+ so it will go faster and run cooler. If you don't want to OC and/or don't have any experience in doing it before, go with a regular 6400+. The only difference in the Black Version is the unlocked multiplier which allows you to make it run faster.
  2. Narey

    Narey TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 70

    ah very nice, thanks ill get that ram instead.
    hmmm 5000+, heard someone else say that as well actually
    ive never actually OCed before but thats only because ive never had to
    will the 6400+ have problems running anything you think?
  3. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    I don't think that a standard 6400+ will have any problems, it's got 3.2GHz per core and that should run pretty well ;)

    If you don't get a Retail version, you will need some thermal paste, because if you buy OEM it will literally be just the processor in an anti static bag. The best sort of thermal paste is Arctic Silver as it has a Silver base and conducts heat very well. It is worth using Arctic Silver anyway, and because you are buying a third party hsf (heatsink/fan) you may not need the Retail version because it comes in the box with an AMD hsf and some cheapy thermal paste.

    It's up to you whether to buy the OEM or Retail version, and I hope you can understand my babblings, I tend to think "the long way" if you know what I mean ;)

    Edit: I was just looking through ebuyer and they don't have a 6400+ standard version on there. One option for you is to get the 5000+ Black Edition and OC it a bit to get 6400+ speeds, but you need to know what you're doing before you OC and you will want to read this thread before deciding whether to go ahead with this suggestion: Read Before Asking "How Do I Overclock?"
  4. it looks good to me too. i would've mentioned the RAM but dave already seems to have addressed the issue.

    the only other recommendation i would have is to perhaps go instead with the radeon x1950. it's more powerful than both the 78 and 7900gs, and it's about the same price as a 7900. unless of course you're on a budget in which case you might as well stick with what you have.

    but if you have the cash, definitely get the x1950. i can almost guarantee you'll wish you had further down the road.

    afterall, this looks like it's going to be a gaming computer. 2 gigs of ram, a blazing processor, and a decent video card? classic features of a gaming rig.
  5. Narey

    Narey TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 70

    hey thanks for the advice, sadly i have to stick with the 7800GS as i already have it (im upgrading not building from scratch), all the other stuff on the list im buying though

    out of interest how do you think the pc would fare playing something like gears of war? (id you dont know dont worry :p)

    thanks guys and im going for the 6400+ just beause when i fiddle with stuff it tends to go wrong :p
  6. even a 7600 would do fairly well. although it's starting to show signs of age. the 7800 will give you very decent performance. so i wouldn't be too worried. you've also got a lot of ram and powerhouse of a processor to help it along. and in the worst case, you can just upgrade later again whenever you have the money.

    as a matter of fact, if you're really well and truly worried, go to and do a pc scan. they'll scan your hardware for free, and they have a very complete list of games to choose from. gears of war is already there. i just did a scan on my p.o.s. of a machine. they recommend at least a geforce 6200 PCI card. so a 7800 should be plenty for now. and if you want to blaze through the game with 100fps all the way, then wait a little while and get an 8800gt.
  7. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    System Requirements Lab is a good site but he hasn't got the hardware yet so it would have to be run after the pc's been upgraded.

    Only other thing is that the 8800GT is PCI-e and that mobo is AGP 8X :eek:

    The 8800GTS 512MB comes out very soon as well and the GT is very hard to get hold of. The 8800GTS 512 is better than the GT in most games as well, there's a review here on our very own site :)
  8. Narey

    Narey TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 70

    everything will be arriving within a week :O
    (ps apparently this pc before upgrade can play gears of war fine :O)

  9. oh yeah...i forgot about that little pci-e detail...whoops? all fairness, 90% of the people i help on these forums have pci-e slots or plan on getting some. so...forgive that little slip-up.

    as for the GTS's not all that much better. it performs similarly to the GT, and the games where it has a 15-20fps difference are already giving 100fps anyway. so 15-20 difference there isn't going to be very noticeable. from what i can tell, the GTS is mostly a GT ripoff.

    and as for the system requirements lab thing, the whole point was for him to see the minimum recommended card, and then when he gets the machine, he can remove any doubt that his computer can play Gears of War by doing the scan when he has it all setup.
  10. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    Don't worry, mate, because most people have PCI-e it's easy to assume that somebody has it ;)

    You are right about the GTS512 in that the games it performs better than the GT in are already getting high rates, but i wouldn't call it a rip off because it's being made by the same company as the GT. It is very similar to the GT but obviously it's a bit different and they decided to call it the GTS :)

    Good point, that bit slipped my mind when I last posted ;)
  11. well,..i mean...yeah maybe ripoff was a little bit strong. but on the surface i can't tell what the big difference is between them except a tiny bit more speed, and an extra 100 dollars.

    maybe there are more small details in it like pixel shaders and all that other crap. i don't know what it all means. i just know more is better, but that's about it.

    either way, from where i'm standing, it looks like the GT is the better buy, especially if you can overclock it and get performance similar to that of the Ultra.
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