Complete computer upgrade...HELP!!!

By aksd
Dec 23, 2006
  1. I need an expert opinion on a 775 mobo.

    Here are the specs (all the hardware listed is already purchased)

    P4 651 3.4ghz
    1gb Buffalo ddr2-4200 sdram 533mhz d2u533b
    nvidia 7900gs 256mb PCI-E
    Sony CD and DVD combo Drives
    Hitachi 80gb 7200rpm HD
    420W Antec PSU

    I bought this hardware to go with my computer, long story short, It didn't work with my system. Now I'm to the point where just want a Mobo and case. Don't care about features and "bling-bling" just as long as it works.

    So can someone point me towards a good budget Mobo? Preferably micro ATX.

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