Complete lock up

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Bought a GF4 Ti 4400 from OCSystem running at 304/673. Computer locks up completely playing Unreal Tournament. Could this be a problem with the on board sound not keeping up with the faster frame rate? When it freezes the sound reverberates the last few notes of the music continuously. The same thing happened when I overclocked a stock 4200.

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my first port of call would be, update ALL drivers. Start with the graphics card but do not stop there.... mobo drivers, even sound card, etc. Install all upgrades for the OS as in a good few visits to and put on any available service packs, etc. Set your BIOS to default settings. Ensure case is well ventilated and cooled. Look out for other programs running at the same time.


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Originally posted by me again
The same thing happened when I overclocked a stock 4200.
My first step would be to stop overclocking. Does it stop locking up? That is the most likely suspect. 673 on the memory is a pretty serious overclock...not likely to last long without great cooling If that solves the problem then either back down on the overclocking a bit or increase your cooling.
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It seems to have stabilized with the 40.xx series detonator driver I loaded. FYI the card comes from OCsystems overclocked with their BIOS. It stays cool with extra heat sinks on the memory chips and a TT fan and my case fan pointed at it. (i'm watching the hard drive). I noticed the CPU temp went up. Guess I'll get a better cooling rig for that. oooooooo the graphics are so vivid I go into the rooms with everything turn up and I see wiskers on the bots faces. Detail is tremendous. A lot of work goes into the skins and maps. I can appreciate it now and I wont go back
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