Complete networking freeze on internet disconnect

By Spike
Aug 20, 2006
  1. System : WinXP Pro SP2, BT Voyager 100 ADSL Modem (USB)
    ISP: PlusNet 2MB+ Premier


    I'm currently having a problem where disconnection from the internet, whether through hitting the disconnect button or by loosing the connection from the ISP, is resulting in a complete and total freeze of all networking on my machine, including simply opening Network Connections, viewing network performance on Task Manager, and trying to reconnect to the internet via the modem software in the system tray. This is the only problem the machine has. The connection - by appearance only (the networking icon remains and is in it's last state, and the modem remains in sych with the exchange), seems to never fully disconnect,or the system doesn't report that the connection has disconnected. The internet certainly goes offline though.

    Ending "explorer.exe" does not resolve the problem. Taskmanager shows no unusual processes, nor any resource hogging. FreeramXP in my system tray shows that the physical memory isn't being eaten by the freeze. Logging off and back on is not enough to restore connectivity or network function. Shutting down the system results in a "Connections tray is not responding" dialogue. When you hit "ebd now" shutdown continues, where it goes back to the "logon screen" (with mouse cursor showing and movable), but no further. The machine freezes completely with the exception of mouse and keyboard. hitting the reboot button on the computers case is the only way out of this, and once rebooted, everything is perfectly normal once more with no hint of what has just happened.

    There is nothing at all in my HJT log, nor did I expect there to be (my system stays clean! :p ). Nothing significant is shown in the Event Log.

    Depending on what's going on with this, I would like to either fix it, or to know how and what to shut down to bring networking back up without resorting to a full shutdown and re-start of the computer. So far, I'm clueless with this one. So, does anybody have any ideas?
  2. altheman

    altheman TS Rookie Posts: 425

    Have you tried repairing your Winsock?
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