component transfer error

By saint01
Jul 12, 2004
  1. here it the deal. I upgraded this machine from ME to 2000. Not all of the programs were working properly, so I start going through and reinstalling them. One of the programs that stopped working was my Linksys Wireless G Card. So, I try to uninstall it and it won't unistall. Then I try to run the install from the CD and it gives me this error:

    component transfer error:

    Main app

    Obviously I need my card to work so that I can get internet access, but I can't install the card. any ideas?

  2. Rick

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  3. saint01

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    thanks. the dardnest thing is that the device manager is telling me that the device is working properly. oh well, I try it out and see what the story is.

  4. hiaphia

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    component transfer error while installing a program

    I am trying to install a print workshop disk and I get the following error

    component transfer error
    component main app
    file group app self reg dlls
    error * the process cannot access thefile because it is being used by another process.

    Please, help me with this problem if you can. You may also email me at
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