Computer Booting Problem's

By k8pyl3b1h
Apr 27, 2006
  1. hello all,

    Ok well basicly a while ago (about 2 months ago) i was trying to re-format my old computer.. Well i did that successfully and the trouble came when adding the internet to update Windows, well virus's got in even though i had a firewall (not SP2)... then eventualy half way through an update a driver error came up... this happened about 3 times..

    So i gave my computer to my neighbour becuase he knows quite alot on them... he told me only to update Windows Updates, not other ones too... well i gave up and let him do it.. i went to see how everything was going and found he was stuck too..

    A while ago when we used to turn the computer on it would beep about 5 times, when we took it to the shop the guy said the video card had fried, this has happened about 3times now.. basicly it happened before i took it up to my neighbours that night and all i did was shake it and it stopped...

    Well im guessing all the moving around moved a driver or something out of placeon the way to his house which caused it again.. obviously not knowing about it he might have opened it up and fiddled... well now its stuck atthe starting screen...

    When it loads it beeps then stays at the 2nd screen it lookds like this:

     Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG. An Energy Star Al ty
    Copyright (C) 1984-2002, Award Software, inc
    GA-8SR533 F1
    Check System Health [b]OK[/b]
    Main Processor: Intel Pentium(R) 4 2.00A GHz(100x20)
    <CPUID: OF24 Patch ID : 000B>
    Press DEL to enter SETUP / Q-Flash
    I have realised something with other computers is that in the space there is usualy all the CD-ROM / DVD things there.. Does this mean maybe there could be something wrong with them?... so yeh basicly thats all that happens when i turn on the computer.. Oh yeh and pressing DEL or F1 doesn't work...

    Thanks alot
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