Computer boots into a black screen and stays there...

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Dec 19, 2006
  1. Hello everyone, i hope someone can help me, i tried to restart my computer after norton became unresponsive and it now boots into a black screen. i haven't tried to boot into safe mode yet. i'm at a friends house using his computer to post this. i tried booting from windows cd, but black screen came up again. booting from my norton disk, it asks to boot from hard drive or cd, booting from hard drive sends it to a black screen again. booting from the cd sends it to the emergency virus scan, but only scans the master boot and then goes to an A: prompt. any ideas, or is the computer fried?
  2. Sjbrand99

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    Thats Norton for you!

    So is this machine home-built or bought. If you built it yourself it could be the computer lacking power and then you would need to check your PSU. If it is bought then there is less chance that this is the cause although it could still be a possibility.

    Do you get any options when booting like if you want to try special startups like safemode? Or are you literally turning it on to a blank screen?

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  3. troxartas

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    thanks for responding....i wish i had tried safe mode before i left because now i'm stuck at my friends house, it is snowing like a mother here! anyway, it is a home built computer. don't know what i need to say about it: mother board is Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 nForce4 4x Athlon 64 (FX) socket card is GeForce 6600 GT PCI Express 128 MB DDR3......when i hit the restart button it does what it always does until it reaches the point when it says Boot From usually goes right to Windows from there but now it just goes to a black screen and stays there. i tried booting from the windows xp disk (i run professional) but it just ignores the fact that its in the dvd-rom drive and goes straight to the black screen....hope that answers something! any ideas?
  4. TimeParadoX

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  5. troxartas

    troxartas TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 29

    thanks for the imput guys....just one thing, will i be able to get online in safe mode, assuming i can get into safe mode?
  6. Coronas

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    This is actually happening to me. I'm posting everything so far from safemode w/ networking since its the *only* thing im able to access.

    The last thing I remember doing, was installing BitDefender, and doing the regular re-boot. Just after the normal "Windows" loading screen, you'd expect to see the user login area, but instead, its totally black.

    I tried doing a few things already, such as system restore, but unfortunately I had it turned off. Also, "chkdsk /r" - it found errors, but still didnt correct my problem.

    I'm having this problem without norton, so maybe if the solution doesnt work above for troxartas, he may have something similar to what Im experiencing.

    I'm re-formating in a couple of days so even if my problem too hasnt been corrected, ill have it fixed in a few days - I ordered a 500GB (my book) external from ebay, great buy for $240 (inc shipping).

    ...although I would like to figure this out just incase this were to happen to me again lol

    You should be able to get into safe mode. If you are not able to get into it, and I strongly dont reccommend you do it, since its not the best thing to do, but while your computer is @ the "Windows" loading screen w/ the bar @ the bottom. Shut off your computer, when you boot back up, it will ask you if you want to go into safe mode.
  7. troxartas

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    thanks Coronas...i'll try this when i can get to the computer, although i can't even get to the windows loading screen with the bar at the bottom.....

    forgot to add this as well....last night i just downloaded something called anonymizer, which is supposed to help keep browsing private....could that have something to do with it? all i know is that i did some reading online and then started the middle of the scan, i decided to run norton too just for the hell of it and norton just froze (the window came up, but didn't load all the way). i tried to close it and it wouldn't close so after the spysweeper scan was done i tried to restart windows. the top of the norton window kept flashing, so i foolishly hit the reset button. was that what did it, i wonder? if so, then shame on me....
  8. Coronas

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    I doubt it had anything to do with anonymizer, ive used that product in the past, didn't like it lol, but it didn't effect my PC in a negative way.

    I also doubt that when you restarted because of spy sweeper it screwed something with Norton. At the most, it would have just canceled the scan, unless it had already found a virus perhaps?

    But Im having the same problem, maybe theres something in common of what we did that made this happen? I'm not sure, I have googled around for solutions also, but nothing seemed to work. The only difference between our problems is that you don't get to the Windows loading screen. So im not sure :( Hopefully help will be on its way.
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