Computer Burned...unsure what problem is

By Muser44
Aug 18, 2005
  1. I recently built my own PC and it was running fine for about 2 months. This morning I was ripping CDs/sending them to my mp3 player. I had a fair amount of CPU usage including mozilla, AIM and the ripping process going. Without warning it shut off and I cannot turn it back on. I don't believe the power supply is burned out because the mobo light still comes on. I tried to unplug a few components that are not vital to the computer running to see if i was overloading the power supply but it still did not turn on. I can't be positive but I do not think the CPU overheated seeing as the temperatures were ideal every single time i have turned on the computer although this time I wasn't keeping an active eye on the temps. There were times where i was running probably many more programs and it never even flinched above ideal temperature. Any thoughts on what could be wrong? My first thought is to try a new PSU but just wondering if there are any better ideas before i go to replace the PSU.
  2. DonNagual

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    Can you give us a detailed explanation of what happens when you hit the power button?

    Completely nothing? Not even case fans? All you have is the green light on your mobo and nothing else?
  3. Kev32

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    This happens to me often (My central Power supply for my room is very very old) and the PC gets something like a surge and completely switches off. I turn it back on and I get the whole thing starting up but nothing actually turns on (i.e no bootup). Sometimes it took a few minutes for the PC to ''become fine'' and then it would work but often I've waited up to 5 days before the PC would work. I've solved the problem by buying a belkin surgemaster which is an absolutely brilliant piece of tech. I'd suggest that if it still does not work, replace the PSU with a spare (from a friend e.g) and see if it works. If it does then you'll need to buy a new PSU I'm afraid.
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