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Feb 15, 2002
  1. Packard Bell Ixtreme 9200

    After a full instalation. Also inc Halflife/CounterStrike, Ntl connection kit (For Internet) Gamespy, Zone Alarm and Updated Critical Windows updates for Windows ME, restore patch and Msn from Windows web site. When i start my computer after it's been off for a while (1hour+) Windows crashs after i logg in. This happerns within 5minutes of logging in. I then have to restart my computer and Scandisk runs after this the computer runs fine. Why?

    I am also installed Haynes Pci drivers for Accura PCI modem and 23.11 Nvidia drivers.
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    From what you said, a very primitive inference I could make is that scandisk fixes your problem, so it most likely has something to do with your hard disk. Once again, just a superficial inference.

    If this is the case, do you hear any abnormal or specifically clicking sounds from the drive before this happens? Many disk errors end with a bluescreen though, not restarting. So perhaps this is unlikely (For your sake, I hope it is)

    There is a possiblity of it being due to a 3rd party program as well. Maybe even something to do with power usage or drivers. If you are using a VIA chipset, it is best to download the newest drivers as older ones exhibit similiar symptoms. (Newest ones are .37(v)a). Perhaps this will fix your problem.

    It is very diffuclt to diagnose such problems as there are many causes for such things. Windows 2000 and XP have a System Event Error log, which is not an option on Windows Me, is it? If you can find such a thing, you may be able to look at it and see what went wrong.
  3. Tweakster

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    Ok i reposting this in hope someone can help me!

    I have a Packard bell Ixtreme 9200. I have added Geforce3 and Hayes accura 56k v92 modem.

    The problem is that from a cold start my computer gets past login password screen but crashs blue screen error while icons are appering. I can press space and various blue screen errors and messge box's keep appearing. So i then manully power down because i cannot ctrl-Alt-Del or task bar shutdown or Alt-F4.
    When the computer restarts scan disk launchs autmatically, then the login appears and my computer runs fine for hours ! ! !
    Direct x has no problems i have tryed reinstalling a few times. Thsi problem actually went away for a month though now its back.
  4. Rick

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    Could you specify the error messages and operating system? It helps us out a bunch to be as specific as possible because you'll get better quality answers.

    Some suggestions in the mean time are to boot into safe mode and see if it does it. You can do this by tapping F8 when the Windows boot screen appears. If it still does it in safe mode, is a problem that probably runs deeper than drivers or autorun programs and will need to be diagnosed by someone who is famliar with your specific problem.

    If you are running Windows 2000 or XP, you can check your system event viewer for error messages. You can find this in Start/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Event Viewer

    Then click on the "System" tab. Look for the red and yellow icons. Red means there was a fatal system error and yellow are warning signs. Look at the dates/times listed with the errors and find the one that is the closes to the time of the crash. Then copy it using Ctrl+C and send it our way.

    If you are running Windows 98, there is no such feature (that I am aware of). But in either case, it may be worth consulting the microsoft knowledgebase
  5. uncleel

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    I've experienced this myself & have researched it a bit. His my take...

    1.) Underpowered PSU:
    Adding a GeF3 & a winmodem to a dated system w/ limited cpu power is suspect. Your drawing more watts than the psu can produce.
    2.) Ram:
    112mb is used to load win/9X. Add zone alarm & anti virus, networking software, etc. & it's no wonder. Add memory or increase your swap file.

    Power Supply Concerns . . .
  6. Phantasm66

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    Indeed. I had 512 MB, I want to take 256 out to put into new machine I am building this week. A quick look at task manager made me change my mind. Straight to for another module....
  7. Tweakster

    Tweakster TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 199

    I suspect i have enough power because im running:

    Default System specs

    128mb 133 mhz ram
    Cheap Geforce2 mx
    Hauppage TV pci card
    Winmode in modem slot
    4 Wirewire
    4 Usb
    Sound Blaster live WDM
    Logitech Mouse / Keyboard
    Goldstar CDRW
    Pioneer DVD
    60 GB Harddisk
    and 1 floopy disk drive

    I have Added 1 single 256mb chip and removed 128mb chip
    Originnal Nvidia Geforce 3
    Hayes Accurra 56k modem ( HIGHLY recommended MODEM)

    Though i am unaware of power supply modem or power gerated
    though my computer was quite power hungry before anyway.

    Well any more ideas ? ? ? ? ? ?
  8. Tweakster

    Tweakster TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 199

    And im using Win ME
  9. StormBringer

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    I'd agree that it is probably a PSU(power supply) problem. The power the other guys are refering to is Wattage, your PSU is probably not big enough to run all you have there, I'd suspect that in that system the PSU is probably under 300W and I'd recommend no less than 350W, although you could probably be ok with 320W
  10. Tyrone Shoelace

    Tyrone Shoelace TS Rookie

    Thanks for the mental push !!!!!

    The damn thing installs fine(WinModem)......
    It works.....I get dial tone and the video is all happy-happy.

    But on re-start it crashes with a variety of errors-
    'Slave Drive not ATAPI compatible'
    'Black nothingness'
    'A little white underline'
    'One Beep'
    'One Beep then Two more beeps seperate from the 1st'
    'My piercing screams echoing through the house'

    When I read this thread I recalled some basic electricity and
    the 'lights came on'....

    Gee, My GE Force 4 sure is swell !!!!!!!!!
    (And where do I dig up cash for a new power supply ????)

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