Computer Crashing

By Faggisman
Feb 1, 2007
  1. Please redirect me if im in the wrong forum... my computer crashes quite frequently when i am playing games, in some games more than others.

    I believe the problem started around christmas last year when i had to install windows for some reason and i wasnt aware that i had to install the vga disk aswell, well anyway i solved that problem but now once in a while my computer freezes for around 15 seconds then goes to a blue screen that says something like the frame got stuck in an infinite loop and it has to a virtual memory dump then says if this has happened more than once please update your driver or something of that nature. Another problem i have that didnt occur until later is this my monitor gets a set of weird horizontal lines that seem to freeze the computer and i have to restart it, they generally happen not long after i started up... if anyone has any answers on how to fix these problems i would greatly appreciate them alot!!!

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