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By ytytytyt
Feb 24, 2008
  1. hi guys :wave:

    i have a emachines computer in an alienware case. it has 2 hard drives with xp on both. Since 2 weeks the computer would sometimes make 'tick tick' sound on starting up. I also started experiencing freezing in both of the os on both harddrives. It wasnt the freezing because ofoverload on ram, it would just freeze up at any point, even when saving a file or anything. First it gave few system errors at bootup & now its completely dead. Now it wont power up. When pressing the power button the led lights and fan turn on for few miliseconds and they stop. I thought there might be something wrong with the psu. I opened and cleaned it to see if that "tick tick" noise was coming if something was stuck in the fan, but nothing like that. Dont know if its the problem with the motherboad or with the psu. Now rather than taking it to a repair shop is it better to look for other computer or should i try replaicing psu; because in repair shop they will charge about $60 just for diagnosis and then for fixing the problem again. which is the best way to go in this prob.

    I again looked at the comp and found that the pins of wires coming from psu to motherboard is damaged. I mean one of the pins of the wires is coming out.could that be the prob.? Should I try with new psu?
  2. raybay

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    You have the classic case of an eMachines failure... eMachines has the third-highest sales in the world, and the number one highest mother board by a whopping margin.
    Everything you describe is typical of the motherboard failure in one of their top 14 computer failures.
    This is an internal failure of the board and it cannot be repaired. The boards were made from good designs under license, but built in a crummy plant in Korea...
    They were advised to put 24 million into a new plant to build reliable boards. They decided they could get by without the investment.
    Good luck. I don't think you will ever get any further use out of it.
    If you need a diagnostic, look for a southbridge that pulls right out of the board, or wobbles. Look for capacitors that are leaking or puffy. Look for rust and corrosion, and residue on the circuit channels. Look for other "loose" components on the board.
  3. Rick

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    Considering eMachines has almost exclusively used PCChips for their system boards for past several years, how do you figure? Recently, Emachines has been using Asus as well, but I see fewer Emachines on the bench than I used to...
  4. SNGX1275

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    Ticking noises, failure to boot, lockups when saving files if it did boot all sound like failing hard drive to me.
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