Computer died in a blackout

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Feb 18, 2005
  1. Guys I would appreciate any help that you guys can provide

    Basically, one night there was a blackout and my computer would not turn on again. It would for 2 seconds with fans turning on and it will then auto turn off.

    I decided to try a new mobo, new cpu, new RAM, new PSU, new HDD (all borrowed) and still nothing.

    I have stripped it down to just mobo, cpu, video card and hdd. It would occasionally beep once and stay turned on - all fans spinning lights are on, the HDD LED stays on constantly but my monitor will not activate and run anything. I have tried taking out the CMOS battery, trying to reset things but still no progress.

    Please help, I've tried fixing it for over a week now.. :(


    Ive tested my CPU, PSU, RAM, on yet another mobo ... and it booted up fine ..

    when i plugged in my HDD, and using it as master and only hdd, it can detect my hdd, but it will get stuck i think on a partition check?, and wont cant load into windows -_-

    any ideas ?
  2. vnf4ultra

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    Did you check your power supply?

    My bad, I see you did.
  3. zephead

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    was the pc plugged into the wall while the power came on? do you have a surge protector?
  4. vegasgmc

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    A black out or brown out can damage the hard drive. Have you tried booting the computer with the HDD disconnected?
  5. MadCatz900

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    I think your hard drive might be dead. I would also say power supply but if it turns on then ya got power. Is it your graphics card have you tried a diff one? or maybe the bios settings. i think the main problem is your hard drive. If none of these work then it may not be a fault it might just be the way you have connected your hard drive. I had that problem where the comp would stay on same screen and orange light would stay on which usually means the hard drive is connected wrong. Try changing the ide lead which connects hard drive it is a pain you have to get it the right way exactly.
    Let me know if this helped or if you got it fixed somehow. Good luck
  6. dekka

    dekka TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for reply guys

    >> was the pc plugged into the wall while the power came on? do you have a surge protector?

    Yes, pc was plugged in, but i do have a surge protector. It all happened too fast, power went out, and then came back on for a bout 5 mins, and then went again.

    >>A black out or brown out can damage the hard drive. Have you tried booting the computer with the HDD disconnected?

    I have tried doing that, but also BIOS or nothing loads up. I have tried my hdd on another computer, BIOS would load up just not loading OS from my hdd, it got stuck doing some 'partition check'. Although my hdd might have died, i have tried at least 4 other working hdds from work, all not working on my computer

    I tried an old gf2 on my comp, but still no luck ;(

    It could possibly be my hdd, but it doesnt matter anymore, i have a spare one i can use that works perfectly fine on another computer. All my parts are working on an older computer i borrowed from work, my hdd just needs an OS re-install and should be working.

    My theory: I'm not too sure, but i had a Volcano 7+ CPU fan i bought a couple years ago, and im suspecting that it killed my new mobo - because since i replaced it with an old fan, computer would at least boot.

    I will take my mobo back to RA, hopefully its my mobo. I am going to try using all my original parts on an old mobo except for my cpu fan.

    You guys ever heard of a cpu fan short circuiting and killing the mobo? or is my theory fully random? because this fan had 2 cables to connect to the motherboard, 1 for power and the other was a adjustable speed thing for the fan. BUT the mobo only has 2 power plugs, therefore i could only plug one in, and the other used for my case fan.
  7. fishhookz

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    First, get a surge suppressor or better yet a UPS. UPS is cheap these days.

    2nd, I too suspect you connected TTV7+ the WRONG way. I have TT11+, but I connect it to ONLY one fan connector. The other is not used. Refer to your manual or see TT site. The 3rd is connected to the speed controler in the back or front.

    3rd, if a new barebone PC powers on, but does not post, it is most likely a shorting somewhere. Try it outside the case.
  8. tbrunt3

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    Ok lets go step buy step here...

    One do you post at all? and if so the mimumn things it takes to post is.

    Video Card

    Two Just becuse have lights does not mean you have full power lights work on +5 or So really have not ruled out the power supply yet..

    Three it more than likely the motherboard itself did you check for and scorch marks on the board?? Anything that does not look normal.

    Four. Did you check and make sure the socket you are connected to has 120V/115v (US)

    Five hook the hdd as slave on a friends computer see if it works to rule that out.

    let us know
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