Computer died! Wont turn back on???? Help!

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I have a ABIT SLI Mobo, 64 bit Dual 3800+AMD Proc, 6800GS PCI-Ex16 Card and Antec PSU.

Built system was running awesome for 3 weeks. Rendered an Image and left it running and left the house. Came back and it was OFF. WONT RESTART!

I see a red light glowing on MOBO but when I unplug the cord it goes out and comes back on when I replug it in.

I figured the PSU was fine because of the red light coming on and off. SO i replaced the MOBO. Still nothing.

Is is possible that the Graphics Card took a poop?? Would that cause the system not to turn on if it died(fans ect....)

Does the red light mean that the PSU is bad??

Any help would be great.


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unless the video card has some kind of short in it then that should not keep the system from booting or at least giving you some beeps. if the power supply went bad it is possible that not only it is dead but that it damaged other components. like the CPU, ram and video card.

if you have access to another PSU you should try it. if not, places like office depot and circuit city sell antec power supply testers for 10-14 dollars.
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