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Nov 25, 2007
  1. I opened my case yesterday and today my hard drive will not boot. I tried re-plugging all of the plugs and still it will not book. I have windows XP with a DVD and CD rom with 1 hard drive. I only opened the case to try to install secondary hard drive but I needed another part so I did nothing. What should I do to get the hard drive to boot up. The CD and DVD room boot up and work, but the hard drive does not boot up.
  2. jacobbigshow

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    It turnes on but does nothing. The screen says no sync input and nothing happens other than the pc continue to run and doing nothing.
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  4. jacobbigshow

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    Ok thanks for the link, I have tested the HD and Cd and DVD rom, and floppy. They do not book from boot up disks. So it is the processor maybee burned in? Can you actuallly tell if the processor is burned in and should I replace that for like $60 or not even bother?
  5. jacobbigshow

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    problem fixed
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