Computer Doesnt boot!

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Mar 1, 2006
  1. Ive had my computer for about 9 months now. It randomly works, and randomly doesnt. Ive replaced everything but the processor and the mobo. The switch is fine, because thats how i shut it down (tapping it shuts down normally with xp). Ive replaced the Power supply. There is a little green light on next to my ram (ram that works, checked already). The green light is solid. When i try my switch nothing happens. But the other day randomly, without me being next to it, it turned itself on. VOODOO! For the first time in 2 months my computer worked. Well, after my computer locked up within the first 5 hours, i restarted it, using the button, holding it down. Turned it on... OK! Then i though, well, im taking this crap out of the basement (where i was working on it) to my room! So i unplugged, and CAREFULLY took it to my room, i set everything up. I carried that huge moniter from my basement (like 8000000 pounds) along with a table, keyboard and all that stuff. Plugged it in, NOTHIN! I knew, well, might be the outlet, so i tried another. Nope. :suspiciou I didnt know what the problem was. Ramdomly after it stopped working iw as in the room playing guitar and it went voodoo and turned itself on again! So i went over and played, I did a system restore to the point where i bought it. I played it for about 3 weeks, (restarting it time to time for lock-ups) and it was fine, until it died again. And now im looking for new mobo and processor to try and see if it will work. Im out of warranty so i cant send it in. I have cleaned switch prongs, tried new power supplys, Made sure it was on 115 for powersupply, Tried new CD Drives, Hard Drives, I took my processor out, cleaned it with this stuff my friend gave me, made sure every connection was good. And still, its sitting next to me like a $500 door-stop. Whats weird is, when i flip the switch on the powersupply, the fans move for about .5 seconds. Then stop. My keyboard lights up too. I have heard that USBs can short stuff out. I unplugged them, nothing.

    If your going to respond and you think you have a theory, send it to

    Becuase ill prolly never find this site again (THANK YOU GOOGLE)

    :grinthumb Please and thank you!

    OR instant message me on AIM antischooler19
  2. mrcoffee

    mrcoffee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    forgot to mention, i DID reset my CMOS BIOS. I dont know what that **** means, i program, not fix. But oh well. damn you emachines.
  3. Liquidlen

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    Welcome to Techspot.

    If you are booting you computer by using the switch on the back of the box
    ' PSU ' You are making a mistake.
    Unless you are doing some hardware work inside the case you should only reboot or shutdown from inside windows and start your machine from the front power button.
    When you cleaned the CPU , did you put thermal paste back on it ?
    I suspect heat may be a part of your problems.
    Consider taking it to a tech shop.
  4. mrcoffee

    mrcoffee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah, put paste back on. I mean, to shut down my computer during a lock up i used button.
    Im not so retarded as to try and turn it on from the psu switch.

    my computer is :angel:
  5. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    " retarded ????" not what I was trying to imply.
    You would be surprised the things people do to their machine.

    Your box is O.K. now ?
    Then let us know how you fixed it............ It may help someone else!!!
  6. mrcoffee

    mrcoffee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry, im just going to truble shewt it to find out to replace mobo or cpu. But if its CPU im ordering myself somma dat AMD-64 Duel Core 4.8 ****! WOO
    800 bucks tho, and i aint got a job.
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