Computer doesn't turn on for a few seconds? PSU Problem?

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Feb 19, 2005
  1. Hello... let me state the problem.

    Problem: Computer shuts down randomly. I press the power switch, but it does not turn the computer on. I have to wait a while and press power switch, and it turns on, or I switch the voltage switch (red switch) on the back of the PSU a few times, press power, switch voltage switch back to 110V and then power switch and it turns on normally. (Probably not good for it) It then runs for like 1 hour --> 1 day and turns off randomly again, where i must repeat.

    Reason?: I use to never leave my computer on for longer than a day. I never downloaded anything large for it to be left on overnight. During chirstmas I got a Dual Layer DVD-Burner and installed that. I have been leaving my computer on for weeks at a time downloading large files now. Everything was fine for about 3 weeks. Near the end of Janurary it first happened. I didn't think much about it, just turned it back on and it worked fine. About 2 weeks after that it occured again: Now it happens pretty much every day with the added bonus of the power switch not responding for about 1 --> 5 mins.

    Possible Problem: The thing I find most insteresting is the fact that after it shut's down, it will not start up for about 1 mins (power switch doesn't respond for a little bit). I can not tell if it is because:
    1) I started leaving my computer on for weeks at a time and now Mobo is burning out or PSU?
    2) Because I installed the Dual Layer DVD-Burner, and now my PSU is having trouble giving power to 2 HD's, 2 CD-ROMS, Powerful Vid Card, Powerful sound Card. After a while it just starting to fail?

    I do not know much about my PSU, but if it is a weak 300W unit, would connecting too much to my computer produces these symptoms? I believe the key is the "Power switch not responding after it shuts down." perhaps the PSU is just getting too hot, reaches a point and shuts down, not giving power to anything. It will not start up the computer for a little until the PSU cools down, or i "fool" it with switching the "Voltage Swtich" at the back randomly? Something like a Breaker Switch or "Fuse" in home electricity?

    Please any help would be helpful... I am hopeing it's my PSU over my mobo. I am thinking about disconnecting my DVD-Burner and seeing it if fixes the problem... but if it doesn't maybe my PSU is already shot?

    Are these symptoms of PSU failer or mobo failer? OR perhaps somethign else? Thanks

  2. MellyJC

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    Sounds like it could be the PSU. I had similar problems in getting the bugger to start up and swapping out the PSU seemed to fix it. I've also had problems with the powerup button getting stuck and causing similar symptoms, but with it shutting down my guess would be PSU. Good luck!
  3. drizzle

    drizzle TS Rookie

    I seem to have the same problem and wonder if you were able to find a solution. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Kodi

    Kodi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah, it was a CPU Heating problem for me.

    You can check the CPU temp in the bios. However, it might be easier to get a program (like Motherboard monitor) and it'll tell you the temperature of the CPU and Case temp.

    For me the temp started out near 50 and as soon as the screen saver came on (or extensive cpu processing) the CPU temp rose very quickly (about 2 mins) from 50 --> 80. As soon as it hits 80, the bios shuts the computer down and u can't turn it on for a bit (or hold down the power button).

    I havn't fixed the problem yet, i just changed my screen saver and keep the monitoring program open. It alarms when the CPU temp is in the 70's and i save and shut down. I think it is a fan issue, (dust in there slowing it down or something). I just been too lazy buy a new fan yet... although i am gonna soon.

    Good Luck

  5. RealBlackStuff

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    Buy a new, more powerful PSU, 430w or over, from the likes of Enermax, Antec etc.
    Expect to spend $70.- or more, don't skimp on this.
    And NEVER EVER mess with a voltage switch! I should use a word here that describes
    diminished (or lack of) brain functions, but I try to keep this clean and nice.

    You should also get a better cooler for your CPU, and use thermal paste of top-quality when you install it.
    Finally, install CPUIdle from
  6. Secondgunman

    Secondgunman TS Rookie Posts: 91

    Yes PSU

    as I have said in other threads here and on other sites this I would Blame on the PSU in this case under powered for this system as far as what you have posted I would go noless then a 350 watt personly if you have extra power you will not be in trouble, a PSU is one thing on a computer rig where the addage "less is more" goes out the window... I would go with a topend 400 watt you scrimp on your PSU it will cost you dearly. :hotouch: AND KEEP YOU SYSTEM CLEAN :) a clean computer is a happy computer, and yes go with a good thermal past like Artic Ice T.P. this is the one I have used in Every system I have ever build (about 90 systems) and even a few Compaqs I have tweeked and upgraded for the odd guy at work or frieand's kid.
  7. Dcrewchief

    Dcrewchief TS Rookie

    power supply

    a weak power supply or underrated for all the components you have can cause cpu temps to soar thus causing the warnings you are getting. i had the same problem as you and when i replaced the power supply my problems went away and pc ran cooler. DO NOT SKIMP on the power supply. only rely on name brands. also make sure to check the +12V rail on power supply to make sure it is up to the task at hand. i would say that a good one should have about 23 to 28 amp rating on the +12V rail so make sure you check this before purchasing a new one. i might still be a newbie but if it doesnt have at least 20a on the +12V then you will still be under powering your system if you have much other drives or such.
    thats my 2 cents from my own experience......Donald :cool:
  8. majorblenks

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    Computer Randomly Shuts Down

    I've got the same problem which has delveloped only this morning!

    I would leave the comp on sometimes for up to 2 days but never for LONG periods of time.

    I've got a decent PSU (i think) - its a coolermaster 500W, so this shouldnt be why its cutting out - and my case/CPU is pretty clean.

    Although ive not check the temps, I've got a temp monitor probing my CPU heatsink and that doesnt alarm before the cut out.

    The comnputer would come back on after 5-10 of playing about with the power button and switch at the back - and last for about 30 minutes before cutting out.

    Could this still be a PSU problem? or something equilly/much worse?!
  9. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    CoolerMaster's Real Power series is the only good one they produce. Their eXtreme Power series is known to be of inferior quality compared to the former. So it can definitely be the PSU.
  10. kristijan92

    kristijan92 TS Rookie

    Hey man i have the same problem!My pc will turn on,it works for a while and than randomly turns off by itself.And it won't start again after a while.My VGA is FX 5200 and the cooler is not working and im having some problems,i haven't changed it yet , but can that be the reason for shuting down by itself?Please help!
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