computer feezes even after reformatting

By minorthreat777
Mar 14, 2007
  1. ok I have windows xp amd with 7800gtx card computer froze and when i would restart the hard drive light wouldn't flash and the moniter wouldn't turn on but the computer was still running sometimes when i would restart it would work for maybe 2 mins and the freeze ..even in safe mode it would freeze...I finaly got it to not freeze long enough to reformat but after about 2hours after it was reformatted it froze and when i restarted the same thing happened computer restarted but hard drive light wouldnt flash and moniter wouldn't turn on i need a new hard drive? how do i know what is wrong? the computer is only about a year old alianware..sory for the long rambling post:)
  2. gaco15

    gaco15 TS Rookie

    I can recommend two things.

    1. If the computer is getting hot (try even if its not) open it up and check that its not too dusty. You can use the vacuum cleaner from a safe distance. Once you cleaned the dust (or there wasn't any) check that all the fans are working. Check the processor, graphics and power unit fans are working.

    2. Borrow a hard drive from a friend and see is the problems occurs then. This option according to me isn't very likely to solve it as if there are two components not working its probably the motherboard however its worth trying if you are confident that its a hard drive problem.

    Let us know whats happened and on any progress in resolving the issue.
  3. Hangman

    Hangman TS Rookie

    Good advice from gaco15.
    It sounds like a definite hardware problem. Usually overheating as was mentioned. I would also check your power supply. If the cooling fan in it is not working, it will also cause this problem as will lack of power. Sometimes you can get a great machine and have a poor power supply.
    Again, let us know what you find.
  4. gully

    gully TS Rookie

    computer freeze also caused by ram.
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