Computer freezes during defrag, please help?

By Kue
Aug 14, 2007
  1. Hi

    For about a month now my computer has been freezing up during defragging sessions. I have Diskeeper 2007 home edition. Recently it's now been freezing up after an hour but only when I try to defrag or scan for viruses using Windows Defender and AOL Safety & Security. I got the advice to clean my registry but that didn't help. I used a free version of Registry Patrol & Regcleaner. I have Windows XP and I don't know much about computers when it comes to issues like these. Could someone please tell me what to do?
  2. Mugsy

    Mugsy TS Guru Posts: 415   +24

    Does the system freeze if you use the standard Windows defrag? If so, it may be the drive. If not, it likely your defrag software.

    Defrag and virus scans are two of the most disc-intensive tasks you can perform. If it occurs "after about an hour", it is likely a result of overheating.

    How big/old are your drives? What do you rely on for cooling them?
  3. AlbertLionheart

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    Another issue that can screw up the defrag routine is TSRs (Terminate and Stay Resident programs. Your AV software can also stop the defrag.
    You could try starting in Safe mode (which does not normally load TSRs) and then run defrag from there.
    At least that might confirm the problem and you can then use msconfig to weed out the routines you don't need.
    Hope this helps
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