computer freezing..very odd..completely stumped help please!!

By alexjbriggs
Jul 30, 2006
  1. hey everyone...heres my deal, hope someone has an idea.

    friend gave me computer to fix..played around with it...wouldnt turn on..figured it may be the cmos i took the battery out of mine to test in there...didnt work...thought it may be psu...tried same thing, didnt work turned out motherboard was fried. anywho..put everything back into my when i turn my computer, itll freeze after anywhere from 5 mins to an hour. i have an MIS motherboard, running xp...radeon 9700 pro, and sound blaster 100 sound card. when i turned my computer on, it popped up with new hardware found for the soundcard...i thought it might be that they were using the same IRQ, so i took out the sound card...reformatted the computer...set everything back to normal, still nothing. drivers for the radeon are fine. any one have any ideas? im usually able to figure most anything out...this one has me stumped.

    thanks for the help!
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