Computer Freezing

By bluescreenNoob
Jul 4, 2003
  1. I have a problem playing Everquest. My entire computer freezes about 30 percent of the time when I start game or zone into new area. It happens 100 percent of the time when I quit the game. I play on eqemu (it's an emulator) When comp freezes I can only crl-alt-delete and restart. When I try and end task it just hangs, sometime there is a VxD exception. It hardly ever pops up and I haven't had a chance to write down the exact exception. I play a lot of other games with the same minimum req and they play fine.
    I don't think it's the emulator because there's a whole community that plays it and no one has my problem. If anyone can help me I'd be greatful.

    I have:

    192mb ram
    533mhz celeron
    geforce 2 64mb mx
    Directx 9

    My vid card has the most up to date drivers.
  2. JSR

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    your system's too weak..........
  3. bluescreenNoob

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    Re: yeah

    I exceed the minimum req. I played eqlive fine with the computer I have. The game runs with no slowdowns at all! Please if you can help post, if you have a comment like ^LOOK UP^ please don't. :grinthumb
  4. iss

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    did it do the same thing BEOFRE you installed DX9? you would have been better off sticking with Dx8.1 since you card is not DX9 capable.
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