Computer game ethics - network fairness!?

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Apr 14, 2005
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  1. I was just wondering, and though it would be good to see a debate on, whether or not it is fair that games out there are writen in such a way that to play them on a local network of two machines for example in your own home requitres two original copies of the disk.

    To me, it's almost like bying a monopoly board, only to find out when you bring it home and open it and read the instructions, that you only get one player piece, and you would have to spend the same again for another copy of the game with a different player piece to acctually get your desired use from the product you just bought.

    Personally, I'm more than happy to attempt to copy or use no-cd cracks on such games to play multiplayer on my local network, as I feel that I've been conned by the fact that I was given no warning about needing another cd - the reason being that if they had a warning on the cover, I simply wouldn't buy it in the first place.

    What does everyone else think on this issue, and is there really a sound and fair moral reason why I shouldn't be 'pirating' games that I myself own for use in my own home?
  2. AtK SpAdE

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    I totally agree with you, i think its should be allowed on a LAN. I am no way dropping 100 USD on the battle for middle earth just to play my brother on his PC. I do see the point that the Makers have, but still, im poor and cant afford it.
    But thats just my opinon

  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Well, if companies thought about the customers, they would change the license to allow certain amount of copies in one household, for example.
  4. LNCPapa

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    FYI - Apple does that - household licenses that is. Too bad there just aren't any games on it - lol
  5. StormBringer

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    All games aren't like that, many actually allow you to spawn copies of the game and allow you to play LAN games with x number of spawned copies for every original copy used. These copies can't be used to play single player and can usually only join a game started by an original copy.
  6. Spike

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    Ah! I didn't know that!

    ecently, I've gone back to playing Age of Empires Gold Edition by, of all people, Microsoft. It needs only one CD per 3 players.

    Personally, I feel that there shoul be a legal requirement to place a warning on the box if the game is One CD per player only.
  7. Didou

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    Since the majority of games require one CD per player, isn't it easier to mention the ones that do not need such a requirement. & in any case, I do believe the EULA (if we take the time to read them) mentions that the game is meant to be used by one person at a time. :p
  8. IronDuke

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    Single player

    If the game as sold is for single user it should be clearly mark (in a readable font) 'Solitaire Edition'.

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