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Dec 27, 2007
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  1. I need some help here with my computer. Ever since I did what I like to call a partial reformat of my computer. That is to say that basically Dell loaded XP onto my HDD, and every time I wipe my computer, that part doesn't wipe out, and it just loads up again with factory default settings. Anyways, now things are really messing up. I keep getting the blue screen of death from time to time, I've got processors killing themselves automatically, and I play a video game that sometimes just freezes at startup. Basically, it's like the whole computer is having a massive failure to regulate itself, and it's becoming quite frustrating. I'm not sure why it's doing this and not being a PC expert, the only conclusions I can come up with is this. One, I've got a massive HDD failure going to happen soon or two, I need to entirely wipe my HDD, and reload XP without Dell's way of doing it. Any help at all would be appreciated in fixing this.
  2. Tedster

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    please post in the correct forum and take the time to become acquainted with TS rules. :)
  3. TheJediSlayer

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    Alright, well in that case can you please direct me to the forum where you would post such an article? Also, can I please have the link to your Tech Spot rules, as I cannot find them myself? Please.
  4. Boogityboo04

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    I borrowed this helpful post from Daveskater
  5. Tedster

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    you have several issues. Each could be posted in any one forum.
    hard drive issues are posted in the storage/networking forum
    software in the appropriate forum. If it's OS related, then go to the correct one.
    hardware issues are posted in the hardware forum.

    I assume you're intelligent, but you posted in the meeting forum which has nothing to do with solving computer problems. It's a general chat forum.
  6. TheJediSlayer

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    Well, thank-you guys very much for your help.
  7. fenderguy2112

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    This is for general talk, not computing questions...


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