Computer has been dead for over 6 months. Can i still fix?

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Nov 12, 2007
  1. I posted about this long ago and never got around to fixing it. One day the system just stopped working (power wouldnt turn on, no lights, no sound, no nothing) I consulted the forums and the first step was to test another powersupply, replaced the powersupply with a brand new one and nothing happend. Now i just have a pile of system parts just laying around collecting dust for around 6 months now.

    The parts that i do not know are working / caused the whole system to break.

    Amd 3700+ san diego core.
    1gb ram ddr
    Foxconn Winfast mobo

    What steps could i take to get this thing fixed or salvage the parts that do work. Im on a strict budget (thats why i didnt bother to take it to an expensive repair store like geeksquad)
  2. something tells me that with the new power supply in place with nothing turning on, it's the motherboard that's definitely destroyed.

    way to test that if i'm not mistaken is to detach everything from it but the power supply, and turn it on. if nothing happens, it's the mobo. and if it's the motherboard, then you'll have to shell out 50 bucks for a new mobo and see if that fixes the problem.
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    Thanks for the reply, i would go out and get a new mobo but that might not be the only problem, how can i test if the CPU got fried along with the mobo? I dont have a mobo that is compatable with that CPU.

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  4. you have another brand new computer, yes? why not get that one working and just keep the old one around for scrap parts? there's no real point in pouring money into practically a second brand new system if you already have a nice one in the first place.

    unless you really really want to have the second one up and running just in case, i wouldn't even care for it.

    but if you do, no matter what you do you have to get a new motherboard for it first. without one, there's no easy way to test it to see if it or anything else is working without paying a professional to figure it out for you and have them charge you out the nose.

    so yeah. replace the mobo, see if it works, and if not, you can be sure the processor or memory or hard drive are no good anymore either. and if you get to that point, you're practically paying for a new system i'm sorry to say.
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    If this system were up and running id be using it instead of the one i got now.
    One i got now is a 1.6ghz p4 with 1gb rd ram and a x800xl agp card the one that is broken has a 7600gs pci-e card amd athlon 3700+ san diego... that alone for gaming is worth it to switch back. Thanks alot for the replies though and i might look into replacing my mobo.

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    I'd just order a motherboard. Try it and if it still don't work, get a new proc. Just make sure the new board will handle a faster proc if you have to order one.
  7. that socket is a socket 939. there isn't an awful lot that's faster you can put into a socket 939. everything else is moving to am2 or another socket form factor.

    in terms of processors that are socket 939, there are maybe 2 amd athlon x2 cores, and a couple of other slightly faster and more expensive cores available for 939. the fastest out there for 939 is looking like the opteron 185 denmark 2.6ghz, with a 1mb cache. it's $230. ouch. apart from that, there's the amd athlon 64 x2 3600, 3800, and 4200. the dual cores would certainly be faster than the san diego core you have. but other than that, your choices are limited with a 939. if i were you, i might consider buying both a new processor and a new motherboard so you're prepared for the future.

    a motherboard with an AM2 socket will allow many more upgrades in terms of processors, and you might have to replace fewer parts in the long run.

    the amd athlon 64 x2 5200 is a very nice processor, about 120 bucks or so on and an ASRock aliven nf6g vsta motherboard for an extra 54 bucks would put you way up there in terms of power for relatively cheap. after all, since that is your main/gaming computer, i would want to keep that thing as up to date as possible in the first place.

    it's up to you though. that's what i would do in your situation. you're replacing the main board right now anyway. why not go all out? unless of course you're tight on cash.

    just in case you're interested though, here is the link for the processor:
    <-- processor

    and for 20 bucks more, you can upgrade to a 2.8ghz instead
    <-- amd athlon 64 x2 5600 windsor

    those require a mobo with an AM2 slot. but i can't recommend one to you without knowing what specific type of RAM you have. pc2 6400, ddr2 800 RAM?

    if it is, i think that mobo i mentioned earlier is perfect for you.
    <-- mobo

    otherwise, disregard the mobo for now until we can find you one that supports your ram type.
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