Computer has power but will not POST

By AthlonAGD · 7 replies
Mar 11, 2006
  1. The leds, fans, hard-drives, cd-roms etc. all come on or spin up when I flip the switch on the PSU. Note that I have not hit the power button on the front of the case yet! I get nothing different when I do. No beeps, video, and the HDD light will never go out. Everything except video simply comes on and stays on!
    Reset BIOS, have tried pulling power switch.
    Problem started after troubleshooting another PSU to no avail.
    PLEASE HELP!!! - 500W PSU
  2. Tedster

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    ensure your motherboard is on standoffs and insulated from grounding inself out. Common newbie builder mistake.

    I would take the entire motherboard out of the case and lay it down on some cardboard to test it. Ensure you are grounded at all times to avoid static shock.
  3. c2323j

    c2323j TS Rookie

    Computer Booting problem or else

    Help me…all solutions are welcome. Please read explanation carefully…

    Yesterday, my computer system was working as normal and very good. It was raining, so
    I turned my system off – regular shutdown. Then proceeded to turn off my surge protector, now the system is off. I return home after 3 hours of rain (not sure if thunder & lightning), attempt to turn on my system but all I get is a black screen - monitor say’s “NO SIGNAL”, my CPU fan is running, but I notice that the LCD light on the front of my computer which normally is blinking to indicate activity is a static yellow color – no blinking whatsoever, just a constant solid color. But, it doesn’t appear anything is being accessed…although, I cannot tell since the there is no picture on the monitor.

    My system is password protected, but with no video I cannot tell if I am at the screen prompt or not…I have since started and shut down system on numerous occasions, so who knows what screen if any is showing up.

    I am running 768MB of RAM (256 & 512 stick), I removed each and booted to the same problems.

    P.S., the monitor does work because I hooked it up to my laptop for verification.
    I also removed my independent Geforce video card and attempted to use my onboard video card and if I recall correctly I still did not get a picture of sorts. Up until yesterday, the computer has worked flawlessly – HDD is fairly new, etc. Any suggestions…

    160GB (C) drive with operating system & programs
    200GB (F) drive for storage, data, video, etc.
    CD-RW drive (D)
    DVD Burner (E)

    Emachine w2247 --- 1.8GHZ AMD, solid system.
  4. Xtra

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    Have you tried to reset your motherboard, like using the jumpers on the board or removing the battery of the mainboard for 5 minutes with disconnecting the power cables?
  5. c2323j

    c2323j TS Rookie

    computer won't boot-up or post

    No, just unplugging HDD, removing video card ...if i remove the big silver battery on my motherboard - will I lose any data?

    Also is this the same as re-setting the CMOS
  6. Xtra

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    Yes it is the same as re-setting the CMOS. You will lose any configuration data of CMOS. It will reset everything back to mainboards factory settings.
  7. c2323j

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    not booting

    I put my HDD in another system as the master and I get this mesage:

    The system could not be restarted from its previous location because the restoration image is corrupt.

    Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu
    BUT IT WON'T ALLOW ME TO DO ANYTHING - keyboard nor mouse

    Now, when I hook it up as a slave, my HDD shows up as a data drive with with Windows and all my programs, etc. visible. Some programs function and others ask me to install my serial numbers to operate programs, I guess it's looking for the HKEYS or something.

    Any advice is appreciated.
  8. russki

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    A7V8X-X mobo no post or video on screen

    Hello beautifull people
    I have had a hard day installing my mobo into case and all i get is:
    no POST or any bip what soever. THE lid light is on, funs speening, CPU and power supply. cables pluged in;
    I have been building PC so it is not my first time
    I know about receting the CMOS data with jumpers
    I have a PC with working parts and I have done swapping parts, I have tried to start it with 3 different video cards; 2 AGP and 1 PCI.
    I switched few memories that work on my working PC
    I have new harddrives that I tested and they work fine
    I have read the ASUS mobo users manual
    I have tried hard
    PLease if anyone can tell me if tere is anything I could do beside trashing my MOBO (I got it for cheap guaranteed to work)!
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