Computer I built for friend is crashing, minidumps inside

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Dec 4, 2006
  1. I built this computer about a year ago, ever since ive built it its been having problems, Its running an amd 3700+ with a K8V Deluxe Motherboard, 2gb pqi turbo ram, m audio sound card, i forgot exactly what ati card he got. The weird thing is after i looked at it and took out 1 ram to test if it is good and left it running 1 gb for a week, it ran fine, i switched them, and it ran fine. I put them together they ran fine for a really long time. Plus i tested them with memtest, then i also cleaned it out a few times vacummed everything out and checked connections. It started crashing alot i just dont know why, i updated graphic card drivers as well, sound card drivers. I attatched the mini dumps for you guys to look at cuz im puzzled with this computer. So please help me out on this i feel bad and feel its my fault its crashing nd its not in my house its his computer he paid for. I attatched only 4 out of 10 dumps from september to november.

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  2. Rik

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    I have a K8v-x mobo and it had the same problem until i updated its bios!!!!

    Hope that helps!!!!:)
  3. SickNick

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    i never had success updating the bios, the asus update never worked it just like stopped working after a few steps. how did you do yours exactly.
  4. Rik

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    To be honest, i can't remember, i did it over a year ago but i do remember that i had to follow some instructions from asus exactly to get it to work!!!!
  5. SickNick

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    ok i finally updated the bios man, it still crashed :( im gonna tell him to send me the latest dumpfile but for now can anybody check out the ones i posted and help lead me to the problem?
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