Computer is ' functionally" maladjusted?

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Dec 31, 2007
  1. Here is what I have for the computer (or is it a Terminal) I was given for Genealogy Research:
    A Drive is Floppy disk
    C Drive is 7 gigabytes
    D Drive is a Yamaha CRW3200E
    E Drive is a regular CD-ROM
    Operating system(s):
    I was told that it had Windows NT to which was added, Windows 2000 Professional Ed. SP$, or it is totally the latter. The directory for the OS on C drive lists only WINNTcomponents, besides the Program subdirectory, and etc.

    when I try to use the other 3 drives to read(all 3 of them), copy(ie. the E Drive and D Drive) I get a message that'this disk is not formatted. do you want to format it?) oor the message "there is not disk in the drive. But the D And E Drive will operate okay when I put a program installation disk in them. and a commercially produced Music CD.

    when it boots up, it shows the C Drive as primary master, the D Drive as Secondary master, and the E Drive as Secondary Salve, and the Floppy Drive.

    but when i go into Setup and look at the BIOS, it lists:
    the C Drive as primary master
    none for Primary Slave
    None for Secondary Master
    None for Secondary Slave.

    It has 2 COM Ports according to Device manager. there is a LAN Modem installed in one of the PCI slots, I think, and there is a US robotics Modem Card in the PCI slot below the LAN Card.
    I tried to link up to the Net with my ISP instructions and I got the message that the modem was either malfunctioning, damaged or in use by something else(what the something else is I don't know).

    So I got a new modem, uninstalled the US Robotics modem and for some unknown reason, Windows installed ithe new modem not once, but twice(it ran through the found new device sequence, told me to reboot, and when i rebooted, it wanted to run through the found New hardward Sequence again.).
    When I dialed up my ISP connection, the computer froze up.

    At this point, I am wondering if it needs a 'Shrink" or a PC mechanic trained in Computer Psychiatry.
    I am on limited financial resources,living on disability. i know eough about computers to follow directions when given to resolve a problem.
    this computer or whatever it is, would enable me to keep all my Genealogy Research separate from what I have on my main computer which was also given to me, and which works great.
    I would very much appreciate any advice ,asistance you experts out there can give me.
  2. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    find a program called belarc adviser it will help to upgrade drivers for hardware
    next download and install windows 2000 service pak 3 do not install service pak 4.
    after upgrade of service pak find the device drivers software and install them if needed
    if not using on network and have dialup connection remove the nic card

    good luck
  3. dagrkdez98

    dagrkdez98 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Dear Samstoned:
    Thank you for your reply. I will follow your instructions.
    I want to mke sure i understand your suggestions:
    I should remove the Microsoft Windows 2000 Prof. Edition Service Pack 4 before I download Service Pack 3?

    I noticed in the Add/Remove programs the following:
    Microsoft Base Smart Card cryptographic Service Provider Package installed on the machine. Could this have anything to do with the problems regarding the above-mentioned drives? What is the function of this cryptographic package?
    Another observation: the computer(or terminal) does not respond to the F8 key for troubleshooting. On my other computer I can get into Safe Mode. with F8 Key.
    Will I be able to instlall the required drivers on "Doofus"(name for the malfunctioning computer or terminal) that I download from my main computer? It is running Windows XP. Home Edition.

    I apprediate your wisdom and assistance very much.
    I use a dial-up modem to connect to the internet. Should I remove the LAN modem, or can i leave itin and go ahead with upgrading US Robotics modem?
  4. dagrkdez98

    dagrkdez98 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    dear Samstoned:
    I have ordered the Belarc Advisor program on CD.
    is it okay if i keep youposted on my progress in resolving theproblems with Doofus the malfunctioning computer?
    Stupid Question now; will Belarc Advisor also update the drivers for the BIOS and the Motherboard also?
  5. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    If you already have spk 4 on the machine don't remove it
    this was just a note as to upgrading bugs and hardware devices

    I don't like 4 it slowed down almost all the machines I installed it on or broke them(software wise).
    its not a dumb question no it will not upgrade just tells you the device type and
    who made it.Make note of and do google for hardware device drivers.
    Some older machines devices had terrible install issues
    If you have any issues with devices such as double installs try to find newer bios upgrades
    If you don't have problems leave bios alone as ,if you don't know what your doing you can be left with a small boat anchor
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