Computer is totally dead - no power.

Jun 4, 2006
  1. Help! I have a HP Pavillion 5000. Simply put, out of the blue, it will not turn on. The issue is not with the cord or battery - both appear to be fine and I bought a new cord just to be sure. Other than the light on the AC adaptor, ther is no sign of life when I hit the power button. Any ideas?
  2. PDusome

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    No power

    A short or kazooed component including power supply.

    I'm not familiar with machine. Is there a fuse?

    If you have kids, turn machine upside down to see if anything rattles. No kidding, kids can make a piggy bank out of anything.

    Remove all cards, then try. If it works, add in boards until you've found culprit.

    Disconnect everything from power supply except system board. If that works (power supply fan comes on) try reconnecting other devices until found.

    Disconnect everything (including system board) and connect only one device, e.g. hard drive.

    Yes? Faulty system board.
    No? Faulty power supply.

  3. Rik

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    Also, check the wiring on the back of the power switch (on the front of your case), they can break off now and again.
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