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Aug 25, 2005
  1. Radeon 8500 LE

    Hello out there, is there anybody who can help me the problem I am having. I don't know much about computers I can really use some expert help. What is happening to my computer is it would not boot up. In fact, as soon as I turned it on I would get a tone from the speaker that would sound about every 5 seconds or so. My monitor was showing no signal. This was happening for a couple of days until I finally got fed up with it. I needed to get online with it for work. What I did was remove the video card which is a Radeon 8500 LE with 64mb DDR. I reinstalled the card into the mother board and it seems to be working better now. I am thinking there is something going on with this card. Before the bit of my computer not booting up, I was getting alot of blue screens with data on it. The one thing I remember about the blue screens is that it would say at the bottom, starting phycical memory dump. Is that related to the video card problem? Can anyone recommend an upgraded card for around a $100.00 or so. I am using a MSI K7N420 pro with an AMD1.5 ghz socket A processor. Ther are 2 memory sticks in the board at 256 mb DDR 266mhz. I am also willing to upgrade the memory and processor if needed. I don't know what is the maximum this mother board can take for processor and memory sticks. I am looking to get better performance but don't need top notch. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. puncrawcboi92

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    What kind of things do you do on the pc
  3. puncrawcboi92

    puncrawcboi92 TS Rookie Posts: 49
    this card is a great video card for under $100
    it clocks at 500Mhz/650Mhz

    You need to get some more memory. 256mb is not enough
    512mb - 1024mb is good depending on what you do with your pc

    I have the ATI AIW 8500dv, and i was having the same problems. I looked for the latest drivers, and installed them. After that i had no more problems also i looked at your mobo and it has intergrated video, you need to make sure it is disabled.
  4. Sharkfood

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    Can you spend a little over $100? If so, this is a smokin' deal for a massive upgrade and great 3D card:
    Retail BOXED, ATI 9800 Pro - $136

    The 9800 Pro is highly recommended mainly because it has a power molex connector right on the videocard which you connect to a harddrive power cable (comes with a nice power cable splitter/adapter too). If some of your problems are isolated to your AGP slot or power draw on the motherboard (common of some of the older 1.5V/voltage regulator mainboards), this will yield the best results.

    If $100 is a hard/fast boundary, the Sapphire 9600XT is also a good replacement - $93:

    Both of these cards will be a SUBSTANTIAL upgrade for your system. They are also both fully Direct 9.0c compatible, have support for newer 3d shaders and much, much faster 3D.
  5. audiophiler

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    Thanks for the responses. I'm sorry I am new to this site and am not sure on tolloing around it yet. As a reply to sharkfood, I can spend over 100.00 if needed. In reply to puncrawcboi92, I normally go online, try to do some vid. editing.
  6. audiophiler

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    I normally go online and try to do some video editing.
  7. audiophiler

    audiophiler TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Will I get the benifit of these newer cards with the mother board I am using. I have a MSI K7n4720 pro with an AMD 1.5 ghz. processor?
  8. Mudjock

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    Going online doesn't require much from either your graphics card or your motherboard/cpu/memory. Video editing will benefit less from the graphics card than you might think (as far as speed goes anyway). Video editing thrives on clock cycles - so a processor upgrade would help the most there. On a real tight budget, the Intel Celeron D would even be a major upgrade. Upping your system memory will also have more of an across-the-board benefit than upgrading the graphics card. Windows XP uses pretty much all of your first 256 MB, so anything you can do to get above that is very noticeable.
  9. audiophiler

    audiophiler TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I don't know what kind of memory to buy. I know my MSI mother board can except up to 1.5 ghz total memory. I don't understand 133mhz, 266mhz. I'm not sure what I have or what freq. my board will except. Can you advise?
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